January 11, 2010

love, love here we are...

Pregnant with excitement, fear, surprise, curiosity, happiness, 
amazement, joy, and love, love, love for you. 

Expecting a mother: My journey to becoming the mother you 

Our adventure started 8 months ago, and as the time draws 
near I wonder if I am ready. It's the most common question a 
soon-to-be-mother hears: "so... do you think you're ready?"  
I muse on this for a bit... ready? Physically? Mentally? 
Emotionally? Musing leads to bemusement - Should I have an 
answer to this unanswerable question? If I vomit out words 
like nursery, baby clothes, laundry, breast pump, safety proof, 
pediatrician, ... will it make feel less sick, more ready? capable? 
How can I be ready for something I've never done before? Is 
there a baby-proof book or lesson that lectures student 
mothers so they don't become the lectured mothers of others? 
Are prenatal classes and "what to expect when you're expecting" 
books 100% money back guaranteed?

I have embarked upon this challenge.. of unstable terrain... 
a walk on the wild side... going where every woman has gone 
before.. but I have yet to experience. Am I ready to travel 
there... to travel with you - yes.  Do I know what to do or how 
to do it? No. I think this adventure will be something new for 
both of us -- something we can get ready for together...
and I can't wait.

I can't wait to meet you. Non vedo l'ora di vederti. 
I can't wait to become the mother you deserve.

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