February 3, 2010

Fuzzy Love

This morning I tried to picture your face... it was the first thing I thought of as I opened my eyes. I saw a blur of tiny lips, a nose and eyes.. but nothing clear or concrete -- a fuzzy image -- but I was happy -- just the thought of you -- of holding and you and staring at you.  I'm in love before first-sight. Head over heels for you.
Your dad talks to you everyday -- in Italian -- he says you don't understand English... he's absolutely smitten by you -- he has been since the day he found out about you almost 8 months ago. He hasn't missed a good morning kiss or a goodnight chat before bed with you.  Every time he leans in to talk to you or kiss you I roll my eyes and laugh... but really I'm just in awe of how much I love him... to be in love with both you to the point of bursting is so overwhelmingly insane.  I have overdosed on love.
I can't believe the months have passed so fast... that you were once the size of a peanut.. and now you are a full-term baby... just waiting to make your entrance into the world... into our arms.  I miss you and I haven't even met you... I can't wait for you to come home.

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