March 2, 2010

cry baby...

Cry mommy... I seem to be the cry baby in this family.  Everything you do is like a little miracle... I'm holding my own little production of love in my hands.  You are amazing and wonderful, beautiful and inspiring --- I could stare at you for hours... and I do -- with salt stained water dripping down your face... from my cry baby tears.
You flicker your eyes back and forth absorbing the newness that your little life is experiencing in awe of any and everything all while I focus and absorb only you - in awe of your being... a being that your father and I created... it's damn amazing -- you are us as we are you -- linked, connected, glued together by love.
You are just over a week old: You smiled on your second day of life and since then you have smiled everyday... usually while falling asleep -- your dad and I often wonder what you are thinking as you lay there all smiles drifting into dreamland.  We realize it's probably not as grand as we suppose... and that you are probably just happy that your tummy is filled and you are warm and snuggly in bed.
Last night your umbilical cord shrivled up and dropped off -- we couldn't find it for a while... but then daddy discovered in  your diaper while changing you.  The dried leftover of the cord that nourished you for 9 months is now an artifact in the museum of your life... from here on out you will grow and change day by day and your dad and I will be your most devout fans...fanatically obsessed with our little man....  Our love for you is all encompassing and unconditional -- we're yours for life kiddo.

Sebastiano Maurizio Grossi
February 20, 2010
7lbs 9oz
20.5 inches

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