July 31, 2010


big little things that annoy me (this list is in random, unrelated order):

  • peeing before noticing there is no toilet paper.
  • making coffee before noticing there is no sugar and/or milk.
  • people telling me when my son is hungry.
  • when the damn people at Tim Horton's don't properly cut through the bagel/sandwich -- especially when I buy my meal at the drive thru -- drive thru = convenience NOT inconvenience (sorry a little bitter about this one, as it just happened to me again today).
  • when I order/want something in a certain colour/style (clothing, etc.) or a certain flavour (food, etc.) and the seller doesn't have it, so they tell me are you sure you don't want "this" -- this = the exact opposite of what I asked for to begin with -- If, for example I wanted a chocolate ice cream cone... wouldn't I have just asked for it instead of asking for vanilla?
  • dying computer batteries when the charger is upstairs and I am in the middle of ... uh... pretty much anything.
  • when expensive cheap towels start fuzzing all over my bathroom, skin, carpet, clothing, washer/dryer/everywhere (???????) no matter how many times I wash them.  Why?  Just why?  Why make TOWELS that suck and rub off everywhere?  Are towels not meant to dry our CLEAN bodies?  Would we buy them if we knew not only we, but our entire bathroom would be RED after using them each and every time?  Moreover, why oh why do I see a trend in this happening with expensive designer towels?  My solution? Stick to the cheap, cheap towels instead of the expensive cheap ones.
Beginning to think I should have just called this little big things that annoy me... cause now that I review the list, the things are more big than little.. and they annoy the heck out of me. A lot.
Anyhow I will add/update this list as it grows... which it will. Soon.

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