August 31, 2010

boop boop two hours north = muskoka

Sixteen things to do in Toronto before summer’s over | To Do List |

I hope we have time do a few of these before the temperature drops!

Sixteen things to do in Toronto before summer’s over | To Do List |

Why you are so amazingly amazing

You love to sleep, sometimes for 14 hours straight. You love your crib and have no problems hanging out in da solo. You eat... anything.  You rarely cry.  You hold your bottle and can take it out and put it in your mouth -- you have good aim. You smile almost always -- at least a million times a day.  You entertain yourself.  You can just relax and be calm with mommy and daddy - while we read, talk, sing, make fun of each other...etc.  You laugh at mommy's jokes. You even laugh at daddy's jokes (so nice of you).  You are sociable - love people, especially babies and females.  You grab your penis every time we change you, pulling on it while laughing.  You love baths and so do we.  You give open mouth kisses.  You play with mommy's hair. You never take sides when mommy and daddy are quarreling.
You are cuter than cute, we adore you, enjoy you, cherish you, welcome you, mother you, father you, cuddle you, smother you, we love you more, more, and more. Your tiny soul has changed our life in big ways little man. You are our beloved - and we'll never let you forget this. Promise.

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine. 
You make me happy 
When skies are grey. 
You'll never know, dear, 
How much I love you. 

Please don't take my sunshine away

August 30, 2010

Belly Envy

Seba-belly I miss you. 

You are here now in the flesh and I love you... more than I loved the belly.  A lot more. You = a million times better than belly -- whoa, and belly was great.. but you are far greater my little snoogly oogly baby. You are an amazing little man and I love you again and again.
And again.

Seba-baby I love you.

Bumpy bump, bump, bumps

I'm talking about these little annoying damn bumps on the back of my arms.  I've seen them and heard people complain about them... but god... they are so annoying!!!
I first noticed them when I was about 5 months pregnant... little dryish feeling bumps... almost like ingrown hairs that I couldn't help scratching and picking at...they were also on the side of my hips (which have since disappeared) --- I figured the arm ones would have been gone by now too, but no.
Anyhow... I'm blabbing... but the other day I decided to google these little bumps and found out they are called Keratosis Pilaris -- I think.  So the causes were mainly hereditary... but then I decided to google: Keratosis Pilaris and Pregnancy and I was surprised to see how many results there were!  Apparently it can be hormone related?  There were women who, like me, said they developed it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding -- hmm, heh ... I feel better -- but now what?  One girl said she tried progesterone cream and it after a few weeks the bumps were gone...this sounds like an awesome deal -- the hunt for this cream begins now.
It's not fair.

August 25, 2010

Free Falling

Going once, going twice... GONE!!! Yes, the Tom Petty Tickets have been sold =)))
Sorry Tom.

About the jellyfish/octopus...

Ok, I have no idea if the damn thing is supposed to be a jellyfish or an octopus... your father keeps changing the animal to suit himself! I'll confront him next time about this.  He is the one that totally has a problem with your sheep that makes whale noises because he says it will confuse you.  
I look like a sheep, but I am really a whale.

...forever young...

I started (well, continued) to pack your too small clothes away today -- I was sitting in your room, you were playing with your stuffed animals and we were listening to music.  "Forever Young" began playing and I swear I started choking up while folding your little tiny outfits that fit you only a few months ago. I can't believe how difficult it is to say goodbye to your little hat you wore home from the hospital, or your very first sleeper that used to be daddy's.  We're not throwing any of these away -- so I guess I can visit them in the basement whenever I feel nostalgic.
We're not forever young Seba -- you turned 6 months on August 20 -- with every milestone you hit I am reminded of how fast you will grow and how I will love you more and more while still missing this special time with you.  It's strange how a baby can make our mortality sink in.  Prior to your birth I never thought about life and death and the inevitable, but now I am fully aware of our life and my strong desire to watch you grow, change and mature into a beautiful young man -- which always makes me think of the endless possibilities that can halt or alter this conclusion -- my fear of leaving you or you leaving me is ever present in the back of my crazy mind.  I guess this is what highlights every little moment we have together -- "that it will never come again is what makes life so sweet" -- I love you my stinky, slinky, little superman -- I love you forever. And ever.

August 17, 2010

Octopus = Jellyfish

i have to correct something i wrote a couple weeks back --> the little game daddy does with his hands moving up and up above your face is not meant to be an octopus, but actually a jellyfish. woopsie.
why not add a cute photo of you just for fun.

BIG changes little one

Wow.  When they say babies change/grow/learn overnight, they are definitely not lying.  When they say that time flies by so fast to make sure you enjoy every second, they were surely not lying.
You are growing so fast my baby boy and we are inhaling, consuming, ingesting, devouring you and all your little big changes. Our lives are with, for and about you.
Laughing -- constantly and infectiously -- especially when daddy tickles your belly and/or neck with his mouth.
Holding -- your bottle all by your little self.
Talking -- in another language that we still have not translated.
Responding -- when we call your name.
Grabbing -- touching, slapping, anyone that is near enough for you to get your hands on.
Sucking -- not a pacifier, but everything else -- including our noses when you can.
Sleeping 9-12hrs a night.
Sticking -- your tongue out constantly. constantly. constantly.  **see photo
Jumping -- like a kangaroo in the jolly jumper... no wonder they call it "jolly" -- you look like jolly kid on Christmas morning when we put you in the jumper.
Eating -- rice cereal -- actually trying to feed yourself with the spoon.
Rolling -- still rolling over and over, left and right... you know how to get to where you want to go... which leads me to your latest milestone achievement:
CRAWLING! ok.. that was a little too much.. maybe just crawling!!!! you are creeping around pushing with your knees and pulling with your hands to get around.  today you were throwing your toy as far as possible then putting on your game face and chasing after it only to throw it again.
You are damn cute little boy.  Seriously. qqqqqqqute.  I'm so happy you're around.
I just love you... that's all.

to love you this much should be illegal.

post script: oh ya, and the tom petty tickets are still around. dear lord.

August 10, 2010

uhhh... Tom Petty?

Good morning it's afternoon -- I have been sleeping in a lot lately, and so have you (well after waking yourself, me and daddy up in the middle of the night ---> I think (hope!!!) due to your sniffling and not being able to breathe with your snuffy, stuffy nose =(
This waking up late business is giving me bad headaches, I wonder if you are feeling the same -- we both have been a little crabby lately -- maybe it's the gloomy weather -- gloom and humidity not good for us sebs.
So we've been preparing for the arrival of your daddy's friends Rudy and Imma --- and -- wait for it: the arrival of your NONNA! YaY =)  -- your grandma and aunt are coming for a little visit to visit little you!  So we've been trying to fix up the house for them -- preparing the guestroom, our room... EVERY room.. heh... the house is still only months old and we haven't fully settled in yet.  Mommy told daddy just the other day that we should start a house warming blog... how to warm our house spending as little money as we possibly can...anyhow that's a whole other story. for another day. when I wake up early. when I sleep all night.  when I feel happier.  when I feel more energized.  when I smile more than I frown. when I feel like it.
Either way sunshine, stinky poo I love you.

It should be illegal for such stinky poos to exit the bum of someone so udddderly adorable.

ps. your daddy keeps asking me if I love him --> and just admitted to me that he bought floor tickets for a TOM PETTY concert!?!?!

nothing more to add. POST.

August 6, 2010

Our boyfriend's back!

Papà è tornato dall'Italia!  Not sure if this is correct Italian -- but either way -- daddy's back and boy are we happy =) We went to pick Stefano up at the airport yesterday evening and you were all smiles and giddy to see your papà after 12 days without him.  We all took a bath together - splishing and splashing (some of us more than others), relaxing and recuperating --  just inhaling each other have these almost two weeks apart.  
You are still a sick little bunny (I have no idea why I just referred to you as a bunny) -- (never mind just realized why...) but sickness is not stopping you from jumping around like a grasshopper (??? used this comparison only to avoid saying bunny again) in your jolly jumper. Wow, you should see yourself jump.  INSANE.  Today I watched you and I was actually scared -- you looked possessed -- daddy re-named you poltergeist (mean, I know, but if you had seen your intense face and how high/fast you were jumping you'd understand). 
Then you vomited.
It should be illegal to jump until the point of vomitization.
Love u.

August 4, 2010

even the cute get sick =(

You've been sick for the past couple days -- I don't know if you caught something from another baby at swimming lessons or what -- but you have a runny nose, wet cough...but still a smile on your oh so cute face.  You're a trooper -- I have a slight sore throat and I feel like curling up in bed and hiding under the blankets... but not you, you're still on the go -- sniffling, snuffling, wiggling, waggling your way around --  You're latest movement involves crouching your knees, digging your curled up toes into the ground and sliding face down across the floor while making grunting noises -- I'm giggling even as I write this because you are so damn cute.
Cute and sick -- it should be illegal to be sick if you're cute.  Poor baby (as my mom says so often) ... this time it's true... Poor Seba.
love you.

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