August 17, 2010

BIG changes little one

Wow.  When they say babies change/grow/learn overnight, they are definitely not lying.  When they say that time flies by so fast to make sure you enjoy every second, they were surely not lying.
You are growing so fast my baby boy and we are inhaling, consuming, ingesting, devouring you and all your little big changes. Our lives are with, for and about you.
Laughing -- constantly and infectiously -- especially when daddy tickles your belly and/or neck with his mouth.
Holding -- your bottle all by your little self.
Talking -- in another language that we still have not translated.
Responding -- when we call your name.
Grabbing -- touching, slapping, anyone that is near enough for you to get your hands on.
Sucking -- not a pacifier, but everything else -- including our noses when you can.
Sleeping 9-12hrs a night.
Sticking -- your tongue out constantly. constantly. constantly.  **see photo
Jumping -- like a kangaroo in the jolly jumper... no wonder they call it "jolly" -- you look like jolly kid on Christmas morning when we put you in the jumper.
Eating -- rice cereal -- actually trying to feed yourself with the spoon.
Rolling -- still rolling over and over, left and right... you know how to get to where you want to go... which leads me to your latest milestone achievement:
CRAWLING! ok.. that was a little too much.. maybe just crawling!!!! you are creeping around pushing with your knees and pulling with your hands to get around.  today you were throwing your toy as far as possible then putting on your game face and chasing after it only to throw it again.
You are damn cute little boy.  Seriously. qqqqqqqute.  I'm so happy you're around.
I just love you... that's all.

to love you this much should be illegal.

post script: oh ya, and the tom petty tickets are still around. dear lord.

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