August 30, 2010

Bumpy bump, bump, bumps

I'm talking about these little annoying damn bumps on the back of my arms.  I've seen them and heard people complain about them... but god... they are so annoying!!!
I first noticed them when I was about 5 months pregnant... little dryish feeling bumps... almost like ingrown hairs that I couldn't help scratching and picking at...they were also on the side of my hips (which have since disappeared) --- I figured the arm ones would have been gone by now too, but no.
Anyhow... I'm blabbing... but the other day I decided to google these little bumps and found out they are called Keratosis Pilaris -- I think.  So the causes were mainly hereditary... but then I decided to google: Keratosis Pilaris and Pregnancy and I was surprised to see how many results there were!  Apparently it can be hormone related?  There were women who, like me, said they developed it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding -- hmm, heh ... I feel better -- but now what?  One girl said she tried progesterone cream and it after a few weeks the bumps were gone...this sounds like an awesome deal -- the hunt for this cream begins now.
It's not fair.

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