August 6, 2010

Our boyfriend's back!

Papà è tornato dall'Italia!  Not sure if this is correct Italian -- but either way -- daddy's back and boy are we happy =) We went to pick Stefano up at the airport yesterday evening and you were all smiles and giddy to see your papà after 12 days without him.  We all took a bath together - splishing and splashing (some of us more than others), relaxing and recuperating --  just inhaling each other have these almost two weeks apart.  
You are still a sick little bunny (I have no idea why I just referred to you as a bunny) -- (never mind just realized why...) but sickness is not stopping you from jumping around like a grasshopper (??? used this comparison only to avoid saying bunny again) in your jolly jumper. Wow, you should see yourself jump.  INSANE.  Today I watched you and I was actually scared -- you looked possessed -- daddy re-named you poltergeist (mean, I know, but if you had seen your intense face and how high/fast you were jumping you'd understand). 
Then you vomited.
It should be illegal to jump until the point of vomitization.
Love u.

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