August 4, 2010

even the cute get sick =(

You've been sick for the past couple days -- I don't know if you caught something from another baby at swimming lessons or what -- but you have a runny nose, wet cough...but still a smile on your oh so cute face.  You're a trooper -- I have a slight sore throat and I feel like curling up in bed and hiding under the blankets... but not you, you're still on the go -- sniffling, snuffling, wiggling, waggling your way around --  You're latest movement involves crouching your knees, digging your curled up toes into the ground and sliding face down across the floor while making grunting noises -- I'm giggling even as I write this because you are so damn cute.
Cute and sick -- it should be illegal to be sick if you're cute.  Poor baby (as my mom says so often) ... this time it's true... Poor Seba.
love you.

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