August 10, 2010

uhhh... Tom Petty?

Good morning it's afternoon -- I have been sleeping in a lot lately, and so have you (well after waking yourself, me and daddy up in the middle of the night ---> I think (hope!!!) due to your sniffling and not being able to breathe with your snuffy, stuffy nose =(
This waking up late business is giving me bad headaches, I wonder if you are feeling the same -- we both have been a little crabby lately -- maybe it's the gloomy weather -- gloom and humidity not good for us sebs.
So we've been preparing for the arrival of your daddy's friends Rudy and Imma --- and -- wait for it: the arrival of your NONNA! YaY =)  -- your grandma and aunt are coming for a little visit to visit little you!  So we've been trying to fix up the house for them -- preparing the guestroom, our room... EVERY room.. heh... the house is still only months old and we haven't fully settled in yet.  Mommy told daddy just the other day that we should start a house warming blog... how to warm our house spending as little money as we possibly can...anyhow that's a whole other story. for another day. when I wake up early. when I sleep all night.  when I feel happier.  when I feel more energized.  when I smile more than I frown. when I feel like it.
Either way sunshine, stinky poo I love you.

It should be illegal for such stinky poos to exit the bum of someone so udddderly adorable.

ps. your daddy keeps asking me if I love him --> and just admitted to me that he bought floor tickets for a TOM PETTY concert!?!?!

nothing more to add. POST.

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