September 14, 2010

The Bidet

This has been on my mind for quite a while now.  Before going to Italy I knew of the bidet, but I had only ever heard that "some europeans use them as baths cause they never take real showers, they are dirty,"  -- I don't know who started this rumour and/or who passed it on to me... but I never questioned and never thought about it again.
Until: I am in Italy and realize it's quite the opposite.  They are not dirty at all. In fact they are super clean and hygienic.  You use them to wash yourself after using the washroom.  It makes perfect sense.  Why is it so difficult for us to wrap our "dirty behinds" around this?  1) toilet 2) bidet 3) super duper cleaner than clean 4) go into the world not just wiped but washed. 
We have a bidet in our master washroom (Stefano could not survive without it) and I have grown to love it.  I can't even believe that I thought toilet paper was sufficient enough for after a "you know what" -->  I would say dis-gus-ting    --> but I can't be mean only because I've seen the light in the bidet --> I can only recommend this little cleaner to everyone I know --> so consider it recommended --> just try it and love it. So fresh and so clean.  Plus, you can wash your feet in it too -- just ask my friend Ashley (but some people call her Ash) who I met while staying in Italy.
Even Seba loves it.  It's damn amazing for washing his little heiny after the poops!  Plus, he just loves the little massage on his bumbum =)  

Just listen to the Italians, they invented pasta -- so they must know a thing or two about washing their arses. That's it. Just wash your butt, ok?!


  1. I've asked myself this same question countless times since discovering and using the bidet in Italy... "Why don't we have them in the US?!?" I'm a bit scandalized to move back and not have one. Can I use the shower or bathtub like a bidet? Not very convenient. I also use them to wash my feet... and it's perfect when you're shaving. Thanks for spreading the word about this... maybe we will start a revolution!!!

  2. We tried the shower -- yes, a little inconvenient! You're right -> we need to start a revolution! We are waaaaay behind on this one!


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