September 2, 2010

He's got personality

Well my little prince charming... you've been 6 months for almost 2 weeks now, so I thought I'd write a little bit about the character you're developing -- let's see now --->

  • talking, talking, talking -- playing with octaves -- high - low - low - high
  • creeping and crawling 
  • throwing sheets up in the air and letting them land over your face as you breathe deep and heavy and scream
  • jolly jumper
  • sleeping
  • your crib
  • punching anything ... the floor, the wall, your toys... mainly the moon that plays music on your crib
  • eating/drinking - milk, formula, rice cereal
  • females
  • bath time!
  • your favourite dvd: doo do doo do, doo do doo do doo!
  • music/ mommy - daddy singing & dancing
  • pulling the little door stoppers around the house so that they make the "doiiiiiiiiing!" noise -- then when mommy says "seba nooo" you smile like a devious little devil
  • girls
  • car seat (we assume because you try to get out when we put you in it)
  • chicken puree (we don't blame you -- what an odd texture?) but you eat it anyhow
  • dirty diapers 
  • sun in your eyes (obviously)
  • length of time it takes for the bottle to arrive to your mouth
  • when you finish a bottle

 You got personality

Walk, personality

Talk, Personality

Smile, Personality
Charm, personality

Love, personality

And cause you've got

A great big heart

So over and over

Oh, I'll be a fool to you

Now over and over

What more can I do

* you've got personality kiddo. plus, you are cute. i love you. illegally. deeply. mushingly.  i think you love me too because you let me smother you.  if you didn't love me, i doubt you'd let me do this.

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