September 16, 2010

He's the Prince of the Castle

I've been meaning to post photos of Seba's room for quite some time now, but never got around to it.  His room is his castle -- filled with all sorts of special treasures.  The theme is that it's themeless.  Seba loves his room. He's always loved it.  We've never had any problems getting him to sleep here. In fact, we usually leave him in here to hang out and fall asleep on his own (it is recommended to let a baby fall asleep without help - i.e. singing, rocking, et cetera -- so that they learn to relax and sleep on their own). 
In the morning, he wakes up and chats with himself, with his stuffed animals, with my shower-decoration-turned-humongous-mobile made by Vicky with love.
He loves his giraffes...the over-sized decals are amazing and seem almost painted onto the wall -- the colours are bright and fun.  I remember the first time Seba noticed them.. I think he was about a month old and I was feeding him in the Poang (another great choice recommended to us by Stefano's friend in Italy, who said she couldn't live without it while nursing her baby) and he turned his head... distracted by the cute little big giraffe behind the chair.  As he got older he started talking to the giraffe while feeding... "dii dii daaa daaa...aaaa... aaaa....aaaa" he would say while gulping away in between.  I couldn't help but smile at his cuteness...I still can't do anything but gush at every little thing the prince does. 
I love his books -- especially Sandra Boynton's Consider Love, which Stefano and I are still debating on -- he thinks it isn't meant for babies... but I love it and Seba loves it too!
He also has A Little Golden book called We Like Kindergarten, I came across this at Value Village.. it looked so familiar for some reason and as I opened it and flipped the pages I found that I already knew the lines on each page. The book was a deep drip into nostalgia-land... and the feelings that it evoked in me were so strong... I must have read this everyday as a child. I hope one day Seba will read it over and over again just as I did and... and maybe he'll love.
The bomboniere, a keepsake from Seba's baptism in Italy was made to order by Stefano's extremely talented friend Sara @ L'isola che non c'è.  The photo, captured by Vicky Brahos, was lasered onto a plank of wood and the frame painted around it.  All the bombonieres were placed on a tree Sara produced from several branches.  I should have a photo here somewhere, I'll post it with the rest of the baptism ones.
The latest addition to the nursery are the wood numbers that Stefano made while I was pregnant.  We were driving around one day and saw a man throwing away all these tree branches -- now daddy's home-made numbers are Seba's new favourite items =) It took us FOREVER to decide where and how to place them.  In the end, Stefano won -- and we placed them with odd numbers above and even numbers below (diagonally -- which is a little difficult to understand in the photo!)
Oh! forgot about his crib -- from Cara Mia, which has the change table secured on top.  Great for the minimalist parents favouring space over a full change table with drawers.

Seba loves his room.  His room is his castle where he reigns as Prince.
Welcome to his thrown:











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  1. LOVE IT!!! Love the vintage touches. The airplane and the little firetruck are FAB! The cone fits right in. So honoured you thought to include it.

    ~ Aunty Trishy XOX


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