September 7, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boy

Papà left today for Italy...which equals us missing him for the next 9 days =(
It's such a strange feeling entering our house without him here... it feels empty and void.  It makes us realize how much we love, love, love daddy and how important he is in our life.
As we came up the stairs your little face lit up with excitement expecting to see daddy in his usual spot at his desk -- we got to the top and he was not there -- but you kept smiling and I wondered if you expected him to pop up out from behind the desk -- it broke my heart to see the lost look on your face -- but you are a baby so you bounced back as soon as I gave you a toy and put you on the floor to play.  This strategy doesn't work with mommy.
You don't realize all that is missing --> smiles, laughs, funny/stupid comments, hugs, kisses, weird voices, and by far -- the greatest faces you'll ever see  --> all the pieces that make up our man.  
You are too young to miss the universe of love that saturates our house while he is away.
He warms our house with only his presence -- ok and also his body... which is always, for some reason, a degree warmer than ours ( I just heard his ridiculous voice in my head saying "it's cause I'm hhhhhhhot you knoooow"  dear lord).
I guess these are moments that mommy feels stronger than you.  Mommy without daddy is like tortelli without zucca ---> empty and unsweetened.  I miss my friend, lover and partner in crime -- he's been gone only 1hr, but my countdown for his return started even before he departed.
I love your Papà, Seba, and I hope that you grow-up to be just like him.
I don't tell him everyday, but he is my perfect partner and I am proud,  happy, delighted ...  
in love with the idea of walking beside him for all the days of my life.
Torna a casa presto papà, ci manchi già.

here's our man making one of several faces we have grown to love & cherish.

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