September 18, 2010

Seba-isms by Mommy

  • Seba's birthday 02.20 + Mommy's birthday 03.02 = Daddy's Birthday 05.22
  • We picked his name based on our childhood movie "The Never Ending Story". 

  • He was born with a teeny tiny beauty mark on the back of his upper right thigh
  • At two months Seba already had his passport
  • By the time he was 4 months, he had taken his first international flight & also acquired 4 international stamps.
  • He has visited the Vatican City and been inside the Sistine Chapel

  • Seba has been claimed the next Michael Phelps
  • He loves giraffes (on trial and not yet confirmed)
  • His hair forms a swirl at the crown of his head (just like daddy's!)
  • Seba loves kicking and jumping just as much as he loves eating (and he loooooves eating)
  • Bath time is his favourite time... oh, and jolly jumper time.
  • Seba began holding his bottle at 5 months, he also began creeping at this time.
  • Seba has gone "swimming"  in Lake Ontario, The Hudson Bay, Lake Simcoe, and the Adriatic Sea

  • He seemed to be teething from birth, but has no sign of teeth yet
  • Seba is trilingual: he speaks English, Italian, and some other foreign language that neither Stefano nor I understand
  • He giggles every time he sneezes
  • He loves to help daddy work

  • He loves punching door stoppers like Rocky Balboa ( he has already removed one!)
  • He's extremely ticklish -- everywhere!
  • Seba stopped using a pacifier at 4 months (his choice!)
  • Seba laughs the loudest when daddy tickles his neck with his beard
  • He loves when mommy sings to him 
  • Seba easily entertains himself with books, toys, et cetera -- he's very independent
  • Shakira's Waka Waka has wacky effect on the prince

  • He loves when we rub his back
  • He can go from super hyper to completely relaxed in 60 seconds
  • Seba makes his mommy and daddy smile at least 1000 times a day, possibly more
  • He is the most loved baby in the world, he rarely, rarely, rarley cries and is seriously the best baby I've ever met  --> I may be biased, but it's true=)

My Stinky Prince, you are loved unconditionally and without bounds - you are our special, magical, lovely little person. If I  could take 1%t of the love I have for you and throw it into the air - the world would be a  happy, loving, peaceful place.

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