September 29, 2010


Yupperoonie, you read correctly the prince is

He's been dabbling in standing for a while now... wibbling and wobbling around... grasping, grabbing, gripping anything that will help him get a grapple on this standing business.  And alas, the boy is vertical:

Not walking... but --> upright, perpendicular, on his feet --- temporarily --- 
until he let’s go and...Kaput!  falls to the ground --- but like any Prince in the face of adversity, the stinkster is up for the challenge!  And what a challenge it has been... for me.  Having a crawling - slash - learning to stand baby is like having a new born puppy always at your feet.  He's sniffing around looking for anything to get in his mouth. He's climbing up, on, and over whatever he can... whatever he can't as well.  When we're eating dinner -- there he is at my feet looking up and smiling.  When I wake in the morning there he is pushing the door open and snooping inside.  He's a cute little puppy.  He's our cute little puppy.  Whoever said "dog is a man's best friend" surely doesn't have a Seba.  But we do. And we love him. Immensely.  I'm sure he loves us too -- he's trying to stand-up to give us heaps and heaps of hugs... I just know it.  That, and he's curious.

So while surfing the net and obsessively reading blogs, with Seba at my feet, ankles, then knees -- I came across this wonderful one called: The Paper Mama.    --> Chelsey posts photo challenges for  fellow bloggers --> this week's challenge is: "a hint of colour".  I immediately thought of how perfect it was to have a challenge within a challenge.  So here is a picture of Seba's 'challenge' that we entered in The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge:

Seba is wearing Lil jo's footwear -- we'll talk more about these awesome shoes later!

I took the photo today while he was climbing his favourite chair.  He eyes this chair like it is Mount Everest and he is Sir Edmund Hillary -- he must conquer the chair -- he has conquered the chair. 
The Mighty Conquerer Sir Stinky Grossi.  
What will his next mission be?
Stay Tuned.


  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I've recently fallen in love with Rainshine Designs AI2s- the WAHM, Megan told me to try one at night with a booster. My soakers are OBV topped for 4 layers of bamboo and I added a hemp insert... he went 10 hours with no leaks! I was using thirsties with prefolds too and had pretty good luck but he has grown out of the 1s I have. I'm going to keep trying these AI2s at night for another week or so and if they work, I'm ordering more :) They are great daytime dipes too!

  2. Contests on your win! The picture truly is adorable!


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