September 13, 2010

Si Si my Playmate, come out and play with me...

Seba your princess has arrived! --> I'll teach you to call her "SiSi," but her name is Alysia =)
She is a 6lbs, 10 oz peanut. So cute.  So fragile. So feminine.  She was born on September 10, 2010 at about 8:20am.
Until her birth I thought you were so small --> but now you seem like a big boy!  I can't wait for your cousin to grow up and listen to your little conversations together (smile) --> imagining you two talking like mini grown-ups makes me giggle.  Can't wait.
And now without further ado ----> Bienvenida ( I hope this is Spanish!) Alysia Christina (a.k.a SiSi)  :

Photo Credit: Darryl Waddell

ps. I just realized the song is not actually "si si my playmate," but "say say my playmate" -- hmmm. heh. who knew?
pps. Just checked again, apparently there is "see see" and "say say".  Just to clarify.

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