September 30, 2010

Sick Thursday

It's 12:00pm.  We're sick.  Seba is still sleeping -- he woke up last night at 5 unable to breathe through his stuffy nose, I:
  • rubbed his back while he lay in bed -- but as soon as I stopped he popped one eye open, gave me a look like "nice try" and started crying
  • rubbed baby Vicks VapoRub on his little chest and sang him a song 
  • changed his diaper
  • made him a small bottle and let him drink it in our bed --- *ching, ching, ching* we have a winner.
After the bottle the Sir Stinky was awake and alert -- he wanted to play....uhhhh.... no.  I think he sensed that his daddy was about to scoop him up.. cause he grasped onto my shirt and gave me a look like "no mommy don't let him take me away"  (as sad as this look was... it was also sooooo cute... I felt special -- this is selfish, but true.  

Good morning afternoon Stinky:

poor boy-- collapsed after crawling out of bed =(

still sick, but looking better

definitely better. he even has that "look" in his eyes

the "I'm going to attack Bob look"

There you have it.  Not even a sick Thursday can stop our stinky.  
I had all these plans to post the rest of The Adventures in Stinky Standing... but I'm so tired and there's a not-so-sleepy prince at my knees. G'night.

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