September 2, 2010

Stars & Strollers

So we decided to try out the Stars and Strollers at Cineplex --- it was ... interesting.
First off, I did not expect to see so many moms, dads and babies – I don't know why I imagined an almost empty theatre – it's not like moms n' babies movie day is a secret or anything... heh, who knows. 
So ya, the theater was at least half full with babies, babies, and more babies. So cute and --- funny.
 If you are someone who doesn't like noise or distraction in the theatre, then this is definitely not your thing. However, if you are someone who enjoys a feeling of community and togetherness, then you might overlook the giggles, cries, and chatters of the little ones all in the name of the experience.
For us, it was a great experience -- the movie was wonderful (even if it made me hungry for food in Italy, travel in India and relaxation in Bali)-- and the greatest pleasure of all was enjoying it with my stinky little prince -- you've already visited one of these countries... maybe one day we'll see the other two as well.

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