September 23, 2010

today I cook!

When Stefano moved to Canada he came armed with one thing: oggi Cucino IO!  An Italian cookbook given to him as a gift ---> most likely for him through me.  I guess if I were moving from one of the best country to eat in the entire world, I'd come armed with a cookbook too.
So this cookbook has become one of my dearest friends -- inspiring me, directing me, advising me on what to cook, when to cook it and how to eat it.  I love oggi Cucino IO!
I've decided to publicly share the best kept secret in my house --> so once a week (or so) I will translate & post a recipe from my little Italian cookbook and list it under "Oggi Cucino IO"  -->  Buon Appetito!  

*disclaimer: you do not have to follow the suggested amounts of pasta, meat and cheese -- in our experience/opinion more is more!
** i have been on an oggi cucino IO diet since Seba's birth and returned to my pre-pregnancy weight by 6 months postpartum -- maybe we're on to something?!

1 comment:

  1. I have taken photos of several of the dishes when I make them... but I can't seem to find them! When I do, I'll put them with the corresponding posts!


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