October 31, 2010

Technologically Impaired. Embarrassed. Kinda. Not really. Maybe just a teeny bit.

A whole lotta changes going on over here!  I've been trying to update and change my blog... drum roll... all by myself!!!  I was up all night Thursday googling "how to {do this and that} in HTML and CSS." What a long night.  
The blog is not completely finished yet, but I am proud of my "blog editing achievements" thus far =)  Hope you like it!!
{{after writing this, Stefano advised me that the font I see on my computer will not appear on anyone else's because I custom chose the it!!!! ahhh.... seriously, I came a second away from deleting the whole blog!!  Then I decided to check out the "default" font... and ended up liking it better than the custom one I had chosen,  It's easier on the eyes.  Yay default!!!??? }}

In other news...Wow. I can't believe how behind I am in Apple technology: I just bought an ipod to car connector to play my ipod in the car (duh, why didn't I know this existed before?!).  I knew I was lost when I rushed home all excited to tell Stefano about my discovery... and he looked at me like I told him I had a hamburger for lunch. Meh. 
Anyhow, here's the stinkster's Playlist (he personally chose each and every song by saying "gee"):

  • twinkle, twinkle little star
  • he's got the whole world in his hands
  • this little light of mine
  • somewhere over the rainbow
  • down by the bay
  • peanut butter sandwich
  • baby beluga
  • head and shoulders, knees and toes
  • mr. sun
  • teddy bear's picnic
  • do your ears hang low
  • mr. sandman (shout out to Marty McFly)
  • skidamarinky
  • apples and bananas
  • you are my sunshine
  • hallelujah
  • to build a home (cinematic orchestra)
  • radio ballet (eluvium)
  • how can i tell you (that i love you)
  • forever young
  • when i'm with you (shout out to canadian band sheriff)
  • baker street (this one's for grandpa)
  • waiting for you (ben harper)
  • hard sun (eddie vedder)
  • tiny dancer (elton john)
  • rocket man (elton john)
  • banana pancakes (jack johnson)
  • pink moon (nick drake)
  • graceland (paul simon)
  • me and julio down by the schoolyard (paul simon)
  • into the mystic (van morrison)
  • heaven (bryan adams)
  • piccola stella senza cielo (ligabue)
  • radetzky march (strauss)

If you can think of any other songs that I should add to Stinky's playlist... let me know... now that I am no longer 'technologically impaired', I can add them to our travelling playlist -- we love to hear new songs... and remember old ones =)
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Thanks =)

October 29, 2010

Cook or COOKED?

 Cook: To prepare (food) for eating by applying heat

Cooked: One who is awfully tired and needs some sleep. Often caused by excessive drinking and partying.
Stinky? Do you have a confession to make?!
What a long day!

October 27, 2010

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...

The boys went to their weekly swimming class today.  When they came back, Stefano, as usual, recounted every detailed second of the class. 
"So finally today the instructor learned who we are," he said.  "Then we put life jackets on the babies... Seba loved it..." "And then show off girl' was....." 
I cut in: "who's show off girl???"
Stefano: "you know the one who is always showing off...with her son"  
Me: "wasn't she your first friend?! hahahha"
Stefano: "ya, but now I realize she's a show off... everything she can show off about her son, she will" 
Me: "but you are the SHOW OFF DADDY!!!! bahahahhahaha!!!" 
Stefano: "I'm not a show off!!!!" 
Me: "Yes you are!! Show off daddy! ... it's ok...all of us are "show offs"! It's not our fault if we love everything the prince does! All parents are like this.. and by the way,  it's  not showing off... it's just  sharing every single detail of the A-mazing things our kids do ... ehhh.. what's wrong with that?!"

So what if I want to show off my baby and all he does. I love him and I'm proud and happy for every little thing he does. Heck... his diarrhea finally stopped and I can't stop "showing this off" to anyone that will listen.  

I love Seba. He's stinky and he's a prince.  It doesn't get much better than this. 

And here is the stinkster in our version of "what we wore wednesday" --> re-titled "what he wore wednesday" (cause what I wore, just ain't worth showing-off  at all:

Update: right after these photos were taken the stinkster pooped.  I guess I can't show off about the diarrhea ending after all =( Meh.

So what's the stinkster wearing? 

Giraffe Bib from Loblaws

Black "monster" Onesie from The Gap

Tights (yes our son is man enough to wear tights) from Zara

Leg Warmers "brandless" purchased @ the Mom-to-Mom sale Markham

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October 26, 2010

Crespelle with Butternut Squash in a Sage Béchamel Sauce

4 people
Preparation: 15’
Cooking Time: 60’
Difficulty: 2

·       1 Butternut Squash
·       5 tablespoons unsalted  butter
·      5-6 leaves of sage
·      ½ cup all purpose- flour
·       4 cups warm whole milk
·       ½ teaspoon salt
·       Pinch of ground pepper
·       Pinch of grated nutmeg, plus more to taste
·    3 large eggs
·      150g of flour
·       30g of sugar
·       ½ tablespoon of salt
·       375ml of milk 
·   4 tablespoons of olive oil

Whip the eggs in a cup
Put the flour, sugar and salt in a large bowl adding the milk slowly while whipping the mixture
Add the eggs and whip until the mixture is smooth and even
Cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator for 30’
Once removed from the fridge, whip the mixture to ensure consistency
Oil the pan and place on low/medium heat
Remove pan and Pour one ladle of the mixture on to the pan rotating the pan to cover
Place pan back on stove and cook on low-medium heat, flipping to cook the other side (1-2min)
Continue adding oil when needed until all 12 crepes are finished

Steam Butternut squash until tender, remove from pot and mash with a fork until completely smooth while dashing in some nutmeg and brown sugar – set aside

Béchamel Sauce:
In a saucepan melt the butter over medium heat
Add sage and sauté for about 10 minutes
Mix in the flour and whisk until smooth (about 2 minutes)
Gradually add the warm milk, whisking constantly to prevent any lumps from forming
Simmer over medium heat, whisking constantly, until sauce is thick, smooth and creamy – about 10 min (do not allow to boil!)
Remove from heat and stir in ½ teaspoon of salt and as much pepper and nutmeg as you wish. (I like a lot of nutmeg!!)

 Now you're ready to join all three flavours together. Wrap the crepe around the butternut squash and spread the Béchamel on top.  TA -- DA!  So yummmmmmmy.

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**this recipe was a combination from "Oggi Cucino Io," "Everyday Italian" and my memory of making it watching others make it, while intoxicated, at Trish's house several years ago.

October 25, 2010

When one door closes...

another one opens....?!?!
Ehhh. Wrong answer.
The baby edition is more like: "when one door closes, another one closes, and hopefully locks."
The stinkster is on the move.  Unstoppable, unafraid, unbounded, unbalanced, unavoidably unaware of... everything "dangerous".
Our house is a dangerzone and the stinkster sure has hell ain't Maverick... or Iceman.  

Dear lord help us.

Oh how I miss the days when the only things able to move were stinky's eyes.
Remember? ----->
  • open doors 
  • simple diaper changes, dress changes, etc. -- which included...
  • being able to grab a diaper while an unmoving stinky lies on the change table
  • falling asleep with the prince on my belly
  • hats, socks, shoes, that didn't get pulled off within seconds of putting them on
  • no-fear cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • having a shower while stinky lay in his chair 
  • having a shower... period
  • not having to pull out the safety plug before plugging anything in, anywhere
  • leaving my things about... normal things... before they became items of "danger" and "risk"
I am really considering purchasing one of these: http://www.thudguardcanada.com/ for the stinkster... it can save both our heads! His from injury, mine from going crazy!!!  Yes, it's a helmet for learning-to-walk-babies. It's ok, you can laugh.  Laughing is much better than crying. Much. Better.

Laughing at myself right about now actually.  Life moves so quickly.  I feel like I'm in a movie that's on fast-forward.  
Someone, anyone... push PAUSE.. please!!!!  
Laughing again.  Perhaps insanely? If you can't chuckle during these moments you'll just go nuts... and everyone knows, we "can't have nuts near the baby!!!!!!" Oh, Lisa stop it! Grow-up woman! ...No! I don't want to!!!!

PS. let's see if I'm still laughing when we take a 10 month over-active prince on a international flight to Italy for Christmas.  I'll definitely be revisiting this list in the future. 

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October 21, 2010

Ste & Seba down by the School Yard!!

a huuuuuuuuge shout out to Paul Simon. I love him. A lot. But not as much as I love Stefano.  Or Seba.

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“Guarda ‘sto Uccello"

This morning I gave the stinkster a bath while daddy was on a Skype conference call.
As I take Seba out of the bathroom daddy yells "hey bring the beast" (this is what he calls stinky). I drop the prince onto his lap.
As I'm walking away I hear:

“Guarda ‘sto Uccello!!!!”
For those of us that don't speak Italian, this translates to, more or less, "check out his bird!!!" I don't think I have to further translate what "bird" is?!

(a photo would have just been too inappropriate!!!!!)

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October 20, 2010

Happy Eight Months on Earth Stinky!

What a perfect eight-month-day. You even achieved something we never thought possible: 

!!!!HAT HEAD!!!! 

Yay!!!!!  You know what this means, right?!  You're hair is growing after all!!!!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!

What's so funny mommy?

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I'm in a blogging state of mind

Blogging saved me during my pregnancy.  Before I got pregnant I didn't even know what a blog was.  My friend Vicky tried to get me hooked on them, but I didn't take the bait.  
I found out I was pregnant while living in Italy.  I was scheduled to return home July 20.  I took a pregnancy test June 22.  I got pregnant approximately May 20.  Stefano's birthday weekend.  Happy Birthday daddy.  
My parents learned they would be grandparents via phone conversation.  My friends learned when I got back home.  A crazy time this was.  An emotionally funny moment in life.  A moment I will never, ever forget.
So at about 8 weeks pregnant I was leaving my boyfriend and soon-to-be-father-of-my-child and hopping on a plane home to Canada.  
One day I will have to do a post on how Stefano and I met... and more importantly (and funny) how we found out we were pregnant. .... but for now... I'm going waaaay off topic.  So let's hop back on. 
As soon as I came back from Italy I was googling everything and anything baby. My pre-pregnancy life as I knew it was o-ver.  I went from looking at online fashion and gossip, to looking at cloth diapers and cribs.  I became obsesssssssssed with researching every possible negative thing that could happen to me or my unborn child.  Every disease, complication, defect.... every, every, every -thing.  
I needed help.  
One day I stumbled upon TopBabyBlogs.com --- it probably wasn't even a stumble... more like a crash of thank-the-lord fate.  It saved me... from myself.  I found the most amazing women and men bloggers writing all about their experiences of pregnancy, child birth and parenting. I fell in love with these people and their blogs -- in secrecy. I didn't actually join blogger -- I just saved the blogs in my favourites and continued to go back daily to feed my addiction.  A healthy addiction (Stefano would highly disagree with that statement!!!).  Eventually I became a fan of so many blogs I decided to start using Google Reader. Wow. So fantastic.  I still use it.  It's my homepage =)
Then I began thinking "hey, why don't I start a blog? Stefano's family and friends all live in Italy... it could be a nice way to keep in touch and allow them to see photos and videos of Seba regularly.  At this time I wrote an email to my blog-addicts-anonymous-friend Vicky:

From: Lisa Boyce 
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 9:12 AM
To: Vicky Brahos
Subject: RE: i love this blog...

Is it too late for me to start a pregnancy blog?

From: Vicky Brahos 
Sent: October 23, 2009 10:01 AM
To: Lisa Boyce
Subject: RE: i love this blog...

Never too late…..you can always blog earlier posts – from the beginning as you would have been writing them.

Then you can blog about being knocked up at 30 – and being a new mother for the first time.

That would be cute!


And So I started a blog.   I wrote one or two posts and then I stopped. Tired. Lazy. Too busy reading other blogs. Pregnant. Snoring. Sleeping. Sick. I have excuses.  It just wasn't the right time.  After a few months and a labour of love... Stinky was born.  Months passed again.  We went to Italy for Seba's baptism and came back.  Then, with some pushing from Stefano,  my desire to blog came back. Stronger.  
After spending 4 months with Seba -- learning about him, learning about me... I was ready to share my experiences and I felt good about it.  And so went the beginning of our little spot on the worldwide web.  I'm glad we came back.  
Now my addiction to reading blogs has been shifted to my addiction to writing,  sharing and showing... all things Seba... with you.  
I love my son. I love my boyfriend. I love my family, my house, my life, my friends, my everything. I love blogging about the people and things that I love. I love using this blog as a window to my heart. -- No matter how much of a grouchy, difficult, or bad moment I am having... once I sit down to write and show photos of everything in my life, I am instantly reminded of how lucky I am... of how much love is in and around me.  
This is what TopBabyBlogs is all about.  It's not a competition.  You win no prizes, no money, no gifts, no metals.  Voting for your favourite blogs just helps them get on the website and stay there.  It places them in a rank on the site and helps other people find them (like I did a year ago).  The more votes you get, the closer you come to being on the first page of blogs.  
Voting is easy.  You  just click on this button:

Top Baby, Daddy & Mommy Blogs on TopBabyBlogs.Com

And then when you arrive at the new screen you click again to "cast your vote". That's it. Two clicks and a life time of happiness.  Hah...okay, that was a little extreme...but you get the point =)

It's sad that we tend to mainly look at the first 25 to 50 blogs that are on the first two pages.. but really, I don't like to sift through pages upon pages --- cause someone like me can end up spending an entire day doing this.  Heh.  Acutally someone like me has spent an entire day doing this... but I found some of my favourite blogs on those last few pages.
I vote for several blogs. I don't have a favourite.  Every blog I read appeals to some different aspect of myself.  Some are funny, some are serious, some are informative, some are just lovely and bring tears to my eyes with every word.  
And so if you like reading my blog, if I am in some little way affecting, entertaining or helping you (even if it's just helping you pass through your day) -- or maybe you don't like me, but you just looooove the stinkster -- send a vote our way --- it would make us happier than happy --- it really would --- and who doesn't love making someone happy?  

Here are some snapshots of what makes me happy:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss
(my adopted blogging motto)

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