October 19, 2010

Bright, bright Sunday

Our Sunday was fantastic. We spent most of it secluded in our house cleaning, finishing our library, and eating leftovers (recipe for crespelle with butternut squash and sage coming soon!).
The library is complete. Finally. I can't wait to post photos... it was too dark when we finished for me to snap any =(
Mid-library we took a break and walked to the park.  Daddy was wearing Seba.  Mommy was wearing her camera.  It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, the leaves were a rainbow of colours and everyone was out enjoying beautiful autumn.  To be honest, I wasn't enjoying it so much in the beginning. Just as we made our tenth step I started to complain that my ears were hurting (I suffer from severe ear pain when it's windy.. weird) and that we should have driven instead. Heh.  Stefano as usual gave me a dirty look which translated to: "are you #*?!#* serious???"  I immediately felt like a scolded lazy school kid who tried to skip Phys.Ed....and so I put my head down and continued walking (in shame).
Geez Louise Parker (this line is for Stefano), Thank god I did.  Stinky had the bestest of best times.  He loved the walk. He loooooved the trees and leaves.  He loved his swing ride (will post these photos tomorrow).  He hummed himself to sleep on the walk back home.  It was so cute... I wish I had brought my recorder.  Either way, I had my camera -- and these photos speak way more than a thousand words to my heart. Way more.  
Here they are. The forest pictures remind me of Where the Wild Things Are!! 
Thank you Stefano for kicking my butt to the park.  Thank you Seba for giving me smiles upon smiles. Thank you mother nature for our bright, bright "Sun"day.  
I apologize, I am about to post 40+ photos that, to the average eye, may all look identical... but these are for all our distant love ones that look at this blog for a glimpse of the stinkster... the ones that will notice even the slightest difference from photo to photo.  the ones that may even look at the photos twice.  the ones that hold our sweet little prince near and dear to their hearts. 


the sun spotted stinky!

theeeeee end.

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  1. awesome pics. i love his hat. i miss fall and leaves...
    the library sounds dreamy. post pics.

    btw, you won!

  2. These pictures are amazing!!!
    What a gorgeous day (and family!!)

  3. Thanks for voting for me Lisa! That's so selfless of you! I think yours should be on the first page too. I'll vote for you too!

  4. Amazing photos the leaves really make them and the light WOW. SOOKI baby does have a website and I am pretty sure they would ship most places :)


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