October 7, 2010

Imagine me and you, I do. I think about you day and night, it's only right. The only one for me is you and you for me, so happy together....

This post was inspired by Melissa @ Dear Baby who challenged her readers to write a letter to their pre-pregnant self.  Melissa's inspiration came from Indiana's baby blog in which she posted a video compilation of mothers holding words of advice that they wish they could have told themselves in those last couple weeks of pregnancy.  I wrote my letter. Then I watched the video. It's amazing how similar we all are. Mothers of the world united.  What would you write to yourself in those last couple weeks? What advice would you give?


Dear almost-mommy-lisa,

I know you think being pregnant has changed your life already, but seriously not being able to eat sushi is nothing compared to what you are about to embark on. Nothing.
Carrying an extra 50 pounds around, grabbing at your knees & panting while climbing the stairs, crying for virtually nothing, groin pains that feel like you got punched in the vagina a million times... this will all be replaced with carrying a 7lbs9oz heavy-on-your-heart parcel, holding him a little tighter while climbing the stairs, crying at, with and for
him, growing pains as you watch him grow.
Right now people keep asking you if you're "ready" and you reply "ready as I'll ever be" -- this is a lie. You are not ready, but you will be. Your true transformation will occur in the final hour when the doctor will tell you that your baby's head is stuck on the umbilical cord, when you watch with tears in your eyes as his little heart rate goes up, up, up and then down, down, down.  This will be the first testament of your motherhood.  The first real feeling of love and protection.  This will be realer than real. You will have a caesarean section -- just as you think -- I still don't know if the climb in c-sections is a medical conspiracy as you believe or not.
When you hear your son's first cry, you too will cry --- naturally, instinctively, uncontrollably. You won't even recognize this complete overflow of love that drowns your body, heart, and soul. It's a mother's love.  I can tell you this now with 100% confidence.
You are a mother.
You will looooooove.
A lot.
You will love everything. You will love the way Seba looks at you with blurred vision those first few days, you will love his hand on your chest as you nurse him, you will love breastfeeding although it will take a couple days to get him going (once he does, he will fly!), you will love watching him sleep at night (he will be a great sleeper). You will love him.  All of him.  All the time.
You will love Stefano....more than you thought possible. He will be your best friend, greatest ally, protector, nurturer.  He will mother you while you learn to become a mother. He will also be the best dad you ever did see.
Ever. Did. See.
An unbelievably awesome 
Right now you have an extreme obsession with anything sweet: – chocolate, chocolate, chocolate --- once he is born, Sebastian will become your chocolate. There will be nothing sweeter than him... he will put a smile on your face every morning, every night and every second in-between.  For him, you will even begin to love baby music.  Yes, you will play it in your car.  Craziness.
You will become a professional juggler -- juggling mommyhood, wifehood, and itty bitty youhood.  When Stefano tells you you are the best mom/housewife in the world, you -- yes, you --- will accept it as the most wonderful compliment he, or
 anyone, has ever given you.
Like any road in life, there will be bumps – you will cry, you will hurt, and you will feel, at times, like you've lost your mind... like you've lost your feet... like you can't move. You will feel stuck. You will feel overwhelmed and lonely. Some of your days will seem long, and some nights long
er. Every parent who told you the first couple months are hell will be right. They will be.  Actually they won't be, but they'll seem like hell only because you will feel lost and confused, like a motherless child... But you will grow, you will learn.
You and Sebastian will get acquainted, court for a while, and then enter into one of the best and most rewarding relationships of your entire existence.  This will be love. Pure, true, 100% natural -- love.
This, will be so much more than a crush.

Lots of love,
yourself: 7.5 months later.

ps. look at the photo above -- and remember to ALWAYS smile as you are there.

p.p.s. don't try on your jeans right away. just. don't. do. it.


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm a new follower. Found you on top baby blogs.
    Cute post, love the photos.
    Also, we live in Miami too!

  2. Wow this made me tear up! Thanks for sharing. I might do this too.

  3. Hi Lisa!
    we are having a giveaway. :)


  4. Those pregnancy photos are amazing! i am so jealous-i always see all the really cute ideas after i have the baby ;)

    new follower!


  5. Dear Lisa,
    This is Ana Christina's sister writing to you. I heard about your blog a little while ago but I wasn't given your web address until today. I was actually curious about your site because Ana told me all about how stinky :) is able to crawl out of his crib in the morning, play with his toys and then crawl into your room. That story amazed me and the pictures were an absolute delight (I even showed my husband!).
    The best part about your blog, however (and this is besides the extreme cuteness that is known as stinky) is your writing. I loved the letter that you wrote to yourself. Your voice plays out very clearly in my head and I felt your emotions - it was wonderful and I'm glad that you shared it with the rest of us blog-crazed mothers.
    Looking forward to checking in with you again!


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