October 31, 2010

Technologically Impaired. Embarrassed. Kinda. Not really. Maybe just a teeny bit.

A whole lotta changes going on over here!  I've been trying to update and change my blog... drum roll... all by myself!!!  I was up all night Thursday googling "how to {do this and that} in HTML and CSS." What a long night.  
The blog is not completely finished yet, but I am proud of my "blog editing achievements" thus far =)  Hope you like it!!
{{after writing this, Stefano advised me that the font I see on my computer will not appear on anyone else's because I custom chose the it!!!! ahhh.... seriously, I came a second away from deleting the whole blog!!  Then I decided to check out the "default" font... and ended up liking it better than the custom one I had chosen,  It's easier on the eyes.  Yay default!!!??? }}

In other news...Wow. I can't believe how behind I am in Apple technology: I just bought an ipod to car connector to play my ipod in the car (duh, why didn't I know this existed before?!).  I knew I was lost when I rushed home all excited to tell Stefano about my discovery... and he looked at me like I told him I had a hamburger for lunch. Meh. 
Anyhow, here's the stinkster's Playlist (he personally chose each and every song by saying "gee"):

  • twinkle, twinkle little star
  • he's got the whole world in his hands
  • this little light of mine
  • somewhere over the rainbow
  • down by the bay
  • peanut butter sandwich
  • baby beluga
  • head and shoulders, knees and toes
  • mr. sun
  • teddy bear's picnic
  • do your ears hang low
  • mr. sandman (shout out to Marty McFly)
  • skidamarinky
  • apples and bananas
  • you are my sunshine
  • hallelujah
  • to build a home (cinematic orchestra)
  • radio ballet (eluvium)
  • how can i tell you (that i love you)
  • forever young
  • when i'm with you (shout out to canadian band sheriff)
  • baker street (this one's for grandpa)
  • waiting for you (ben harper)
  • hard sun (eddie vedder)
  • tiny dancer (elton john)
  • rocket man (elton john)
  • banana pancakes (jack johnson)
  • pink moon (nick drake)
  • graceland (paul simon)
  • me and julio down by the schoolyard (paul simon)
  • into the mystic (van morrison)
  • heaven (bryan adams)
  • piccola stella senza cielo (ligabue)
  • radetzky march (strauss)

If you can think of any other songs that I should add to Stinky's playlist... let me know... now that I am no longer 'technologically impaired', I can add them to our travelling playlist -- we love to hear new songs... and remember old ones =)
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