October 20, 2010

What happens at Grandma's...

Yesterday I looked in a tin of formula...for a sock.  

You know the 80s movie "the man with one red shoe"? Well this would be the 2010 version "the baby with one red sock".
I looked for a sock in a tin of formula.  
I am now sitting at home wondering a) where the sock is b) if I brought seba to grandma's with only one sock? c) if Shiloh, grandma's dog, ate the sock or; d) if seba hates his sock so much that he ate it just so i wouldn't ever make him wear it again. 
Sigh. I loved that sock.  I'm sad.
I am offering .99 cent reward should anyone find our long lost stinky sock --

Instead of the onesie with the print "what happens at grandma's... stays at grandma's", I propose the following:

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