October 25, 2010

When one door closes...

another one opens....?!?!
Ehhh. Wrong answer.
The baby edition is more like: "when one door closes, another one closes, and hopefully locks."
The stinkster is on the move.  Unstoppable, unafraid, unbounded, unbalanced, unavoidably unaware of... everything "dangerous".
Our house is a dangerzone and the stinkster sure has hell ain't Maverick... or Iceman.  

Dear lord help us.

Oh how I miss the days when the only things able to move were stinky's eyes.
Remember? ----->
  • open doors 
  • simple diaper changes, dress changes, etc. -- which included...
  • being able to grab a diaper while an unmoving stinky lies on the change table
  • falling asleep with the prince on my belly
  • hats, socks, shoes, that didn't get pulled off within seconds of putting them on
  • no-fear cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • having a shower while stinky lay in his chair 
  • having a shower... period
  • not having to pull out the safety plug before plugging anything in, anywhere
  • leaving my things about... normal things... before they became items of "danger" and "risk"
I am really considering purchasing one of these: http://www.thudguardcanada.com/ for the stinkster... it can save both our heads! His from injury, mine from going crazy!!!  Yes, it's a helmet for learning-to-walk-babies. It's ok, you can laugh.  Laughing is much better than crying. Much. Better.

Laughing at myself right about now actually.  Life moves so quickly.  I feel like I'm in a movie that's on fast-forward.  
Someone, anyone... push PAUSE.. please!!!!  
Laughing again.  Perhaps insanely? If you can't chuckle during these moments you'll just go nuts... and everyone knows, we "can't have nuts near the baby!!!!!!" Oh, Lisa stop it! Grow-up woman! ...No! I don't want to!!!!

PS. let's see if I'm still laughing when we take a 10 month over-active prince on a international flight to Italy for Christmas.  I'll definitely be revisiting this list in the future. 

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  1. i hear you! Lily is basically walking.
    i too miss the easy days. but this is all part of it. it will get easy again, right? RIGHT!!????

  2. I'm so with you on this one, you have no idea! and we wonder why babies learn to say, "NO!" before "YES!" ;) I love that picture and the caption. I wish repeating that really worked, but then again Henry would probably still be 2 months old...

  3. Thanks for confirming all my fears! I'm terrified for the day that Kale becomes mobile!


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