October 15, 2010

When you're learning to stand, but your pants feel full of sand...

Diarrhea. Diarrhea.
 --- Stinky has it, and it ain't pretty.  He's had it since Monday evening.  At first I thought it was something new I introduced in his diet... then I thought maybe it's the change in rice cereal flavour... and after last night (see below for play by play of our not-so-wonderful-night with the stinkster) I thought -- uh, it's time to call the doctor.  

Last night! What a night.  The prince cried awake at about 3:30am with toe-stiffening, knee-raising belly pain.  I stayed up with him - a) changing his diaper b) rocking him and singing c) giving him a bath d) rocking him and singing... again.  
What I learned during this time:

  • That I can sing the skidamarink song about 19 times in half an hour
  • That in the same half hour I can rock approximately 3060 times in the Poang Chair,
  • And smother the price with more than 1 billion tons of love 
  • That Stinky didn't live up to his name until right now.  Who knew he could get stinkier.  We have decided that his poop doesn't even smell like poop.  It's oozes a mix between newborn poop and vomit.  We have named this "stuff" GOO
  • That daddy sleeps very deeply  -- but manages to cup one hand on mommy's bum as she slides back into bed -- which she allows (even if she wants to kill him for sleeping through this ordeal) because she's cold and his hand his like the center of a warm, moist white chocolate brownie alla Moxies.   Damn, why did I think about the brownie.
  • That Seba was tricking me all this time when he'd pull his right leg out of sleeper just as I put his left leg in and vice versa --- he's too sick to trick me tonight, and so the truth is revealed -- he's not only stinky, but sneaky  too. (Reading the point above, I can see clearly where he gets this from)
  • That a sick baby can keep even the sleepiest mom awake with sorriness for her poor poopster =(
  • That god has more important things to do than answer a prayer begging for a stinky prince to just close.   his.   eyes!!!!!!!
  • That the stinkster still loves his music moon even after beating it up for a few months. After 3 attempts at escaping from his crib, he lay watching and listening to it for the last 15 min before flipping over and z-ing off. 
After all of the above, I thought he was feeling better.  I went to bed.  I slept. For about 5 min.... and... Rewind. Start again.  Apparently I was wrong about the moon. He still loves kicking the crap out of it.  Loudly.
Daddy ran to the rescue this time.  
He Saaaaaaaaved.  The Day. 
After a rub, a bottle, a burp and some sweet whispers in Italian -- the Prince was slipping back into sleepiness by about 5:05am-ish.  The dad also discovered that placing him in his bed with his bum in the air helped.  A lot.  
And so he slept. 
We slept. 
Everyone slept.. until 10:00am =)

This morning we went to the doctor.  It seems diarrhea is going around.  Be careful.  It could be coming to a home near you.  We bought some Pedialyte.  We bought some super-strong, 40% zinc-oxide diaper rash cream.  We are armed, diarrhea, and dangerous.  

And, with this (what is "this"? I dunno... ) , I leave you with a little token of what I sang, in my head, as I snoozed off into lalaland:

The above blog is in reference to the night of Wednesday, Oct. 13. 2010.  Tonight, I hope, will not be a repeat of the aforementioned events.

Ps.  If you want to help put an end to diarrhea all across the universe:  Vote for us. Pretty Please?

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  1. Night after: butt-up AND sleeping all night!

    ps: an anticipated special thanks to Vicky, she just said she'll repeat the car song from Bologna to Val Gardena next January...

  2. poor little guy. hope he is feeling better.



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