November 23, 2010

Stinky goes to Cuba: Part 1

"this shirt is daddy mojito proof"
We leave for Cayo Coco tomorrow.

travelling with a 9 month old is sooooooooooooooooooo much more difficult than travelling with a 3 month old.  --- and I haven't even left yet --- that sentence should actually read "packing for a 9 month old is soooooooooooooooooo much more difficult than.... blah, blah, blah.." get the point.
I made a list :
swimmers & swimsuit
FORMULA  (pain in the butt -- I got all ready-to-use formula just in case we have any water issues)
FOOD (another pain in the you know what -- cans, upon cans of baby food)
Afterbite for infants
diapers (arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! yes, another pain!)
mosquito net
disposable liners for Playtex 'drop ins' bottles... got 'em free at the babyshow... they are pre-sterilized. genius.
baby suppositories (just in case!)
Anbesol baby

I'm sure there are numerous things in my suitcase that are not on this list... but heck.. .the point is:
I went from packing bikinis, sexy clothes and make-up ---> to packing diapers and formula?!?!?!?! 

Anyhow. Seba and I are packed. Almost... 
We leave tomorrow morning.  I am not cool and/or popular enough to have a 'guest blogger' -- so we'll just be gone for a week... yup, no stinky for one week. 
I wonder if I'll go into bloggers' withdrawal?  Will I actually finish reading my novel?  Will I actually shower everyday? These and other trivial questions will be answered upon our return.

In other news, today was Sebastian's 9 month check-up! He's 28.5 inches long and 17lbs, 10oz.  Yes, he's skinny.  The boy has chubby cheeks, a belly, thick ankles and thighs... and no fat anywhere else.  He's like a mini Humpty Dumpty... without teeth.  Did Humpty even have teeth?!
Doesn't matter.
Here is the nine-month-old-toothless-humpty-dumpty-of-stinkiness, skinny legs and all :
(excuse the blurriness... stinky was moving faster than the speed of light today)


One thing that made me happy while packing:
Stinky's summer clothes have been reborn! Everything that was fitting big during the summer fits him perfectly now =)

you can still vote while we're away!
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read me: i'm a title-less blog.

is the weekend over already?

sleeping. lazy. tired. 
only photos today.  

seba stood up on his own yesterday... for a spliter than split second... twice.  once for me (stefano missed it), once for stefano (i missed it).  crazy standing business.

the morning ritual.
he crawls into our room either happy or crying ... depending on how well his night went. depending on whether his teeth  gums are hurting. depending on if he banged his head on his crib. depending on if his blanket came off him during the night. depending on if he ate just before bed or way before bed. depending on... i dunno.. pretty much everything... and nothing.  
arriving in our room, seba either a) wants up on the bed and hugs daddy or i and falls back to sleep, b) creeps over to my computer and attempts at causing whatever ruckus he can... tearing apart and/or biting my scrapbook paper c) checks to see if the bathroom door was inadvertently left open and maybe he can sneak in and turn on the bidet tap d) stands-up at either daddy or my nightstand and pulls our books off while banging on our lamp.
we always hope for "a"... but we're not so lucky... a lot of the time Stefano just grabs him up and hugs him till he passes back out.  whether it's natural or he's putting the boy in the 'sleeper' ... eh, uhh.. i still don't know. but it works.
a couple hours later we all wake up together. mommy makes seba a bottle and daddy changes his diaper.
then seba does this: 

by morning ritual i mean every.single.morning.


you know i'm lazy when this is what we ate for lunch/dinner on saturday.  m&m chicken nuggets (thanks to niki for igniting this obsession in me), m&m sweet potato fries, escargot & coconut shrimp.... on my new table cloth (all our meals look so much friendlier on the tablecloth... it makes me smile.. it reminds stefano of, it's so much easier to clean... just wrap up and throw the crumbs out the window - yay).
ps. thanks to vicky for showing me her serving dish and making me realize i don't have any -- resulting in the winners purchase of this greyish/blue one in the center of the table! i hope this has not sparked a new obsession. vicky and i have a ping pong effect on one another. she's ping and i'm pong. we feed off each other's psychotic obsessions and support one another by sending blogs and photos via email ..several million times a day.


my weekend is blurry right now.  

sunday we had a lovely dinner @ our place with friends/family --> momo on the lolo.  we ate at stefano's dining table for the first time. i forgot to take a photo. me=not so happy right about now.

so today is monday and these are last week's obsessions:
skittles. bite size candy.
especially @ random moments in the middle of the night

taking notes... losing them...and finding them.

it was a rush experiment that has yet to be finished.
got the idea from here

unusual happiness while folding out laundry big and small, tiny and tall.

christmas decorations. snowmen. nutcrakers.

tableclothes. make all our meals so much happier.
they make me smile. they remind stef of home.
they are easy to brush off and clean up.

bizzzzzaro salt and pepper shakers.
i want to OVERfill and entire wall unit with these weirdos.
i love them.
this particular set reminds me of Stef and I here:

the similarity is insane... i know.

ok... going now. but i want to say three things:
1) i hate the "auto save" function on blogger. it never saves what i want it to. it's always screwing up my @#$&!!!!
2) why is stainless steel called stainless when all it EVER does is get stained by ridiculous things like drips of water?
3) shrimp is the fruit of the sea.

PS. if u knew how many times "auto save" deleted this post... you'd understand why i'm not previewing it for errors and/or spelling mistakes. 
forgive me.

PPS. ok this was more than just photos. i'm a blabber at heart. i can't stop. i won't be tamed.

PPPS. seba has is 9 month check up in the morning. just remembered. it's 1:55am right now. niiiiiiiiiice work lisa, nice work.


November 20, 2010

9 months/39 weeks/273 days of stinkiness

happy nine months sir stinks-a-lot.
we love you.  
i feel like you've been with us forever, and yet not long at all.  time flies -- and stands still all at once. 

good morning
this moment has arrived so quickly. it tiptoed up and caught me off guard. so --- off --- guard. how are you nine months already? my dependent little baby is now an independent little boy.  sometimes your self-sufficiency scares me.  you are so content playing and exploring by yourself... that when you do anything to get attention i find myself savouring the attention you're giving me.  daddy will say i spoil you... but i think i'm the one that wants to be spoiled by you.  from the moment you started crawling, that's all you ever want to do: crawl, stand, bang, jump, sit, and repeat.  my memories will be that of slurred, blurred baby movements. negatives undeveloped. snapshots of moments in progress. moving. moving. moving. 
rolling, creeping, crawling, walking, sliding, shifting, shoving forward without my permission. running into the future. running away from me?
oh my beloved stinky... stay still for a moment so i never, ever forget this. so i never, ever forget you as you are today on your ninth month / thirty-ninth week / two hundred and seventy-third day of stinkiness.
mommy and daddy love you seby baby, stinky pants. forever and ever. we do love you.

good night

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1.75 days late, here we are.

So I missed Thrift Thursday.  Time is just flying by me.  I can't believe it's the weekend already.  Where did the week go?  Want it to speed up? It slows down. Want it to slowdown? It zooms by.
I was all prepared to write my regular Thursday night blog... till I got overwhelmed by all the photos on my computer, started organizing them... and lost track of time. Time lost track of me.... it flew by and left me my desk... black circles fixed on a blinding bright computer light... petrified reflections of suspended eyes on screen.  Shutdown. Sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.
And today was a new day.  I went out to get Sebastian some ready-to-use cans of formula (for Cuba -- we leave Wednesday!), but forgot my coupons at home. I went to the supermarket and bought all the ingredients to make seafood paella for dinner.  It took 3 supermarkets before I found saffron... really? Really. Including preparation time, it took about 2 hrs to make this meal...and..... it was TERRIBLE.  I knew I shouldn't have rushed into choosing the first recipe I found online.  The worst part is, while cooking I found several other recipes for it that sounded way, way better... but it was too late =(
I didn't eat it. Everyone else did -- probably cause they felt sorry for the poor little chef (or they are scared of my sometimes-nutsy-overreactions) --> option 2 more likely)  
Meh. The coffee was good.  So were the grapes.  
This leads me to where I am now.  Sitting on the poang in the family room with Stefano...watching Invictus...again (great movie).... listening to the beep of the stinks' monitor.  I can't see my reflection, but I am almost positive that today is not a new day after all...but a repeat of last night.  The difference? Tonight I am writing... in a seemingly sleep-induced state... this is almost as bad as drunk dialing/texting... to... everyone. Oh well.  Tomorrow's a new day.
Shikes.  Tomorrow is today... I guess it won't be new after all.
Goodnight & some photos.  Click on them to enlarge... if you want to.
PS. Blogger won't allow me to choose my text size today... off to another great start~!


Obsessive phonetogrpahy of the stinky mister. I can't seem to shake my pseudo-polaroid addiction. ***It doesn't even require shaking*** 
It's digital.

thursday night. lights out.


"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." William Ernest Henley, Invictus 
(totally unrelated to the post, but not loved any the less for it)

November 18, 2010

Thrift Thursdays: Libraries should be old, clustered, and cozy... we've got the old and the clustered... but still working on the cozy!

When we bought our house we had a choice of having an office in the front attached to a dining room then a wall and then the kitchen --- OR --- having an open space front (living room) and dining room attached.. .and an opening to a servery which connects to a larger kitchen.  Clearly, we went with option 2 -- larger kitchen? Didn't even have to think about it.
Thinking about this open 'living room' space in the front was exhausting... neither of us really cared for a living room to begin with... we wanted a room that would be used... and used... and used.... being avid readers we decided to make this room a library =)

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing) ... PS. where the wild thing IS

I'm late... but in my defense I was feeling ill all afternoon until Seba came and kept me company... falling asleep on my tummy -- a remedy that can cure any sickness (combined with daddy tucking me in and running out to get some Tylenol).
I live with two heroes.  They put smiles on my face.  They make my little heart race. 
I love them. I love them. I love them.
We take care of each other... the way it should be. Always.
Here's my little wild thing hero dressed up and ready to go......

Let the wild rumpus start!


show's over folks!

So what's the stinkster wearing? 

Jacket: Baby Gap (bought on sale while Stinks was still in utero!)

Jeans: H&M 

Shirt: H&M

Hat: H&M

(should we just call this H&M day?!)

Boots: JaShooz & JoBootz

"Inside all of us is hope. Inside all of us is fear. Inside all of us is adventure. Inside all of is ... a wild thing."

Inside all of us is a voter?!
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November 16, 2010

I've been replaced?!

yesterday mid-morning.

yesterday afternoon

I've been replaced by a teddy-bear....?! Hmph. This sucks.  
Who needs a mommy when they have a teddyblankieweirdothingamabob? 
What have I learned? Stinky is clearly not as loyal as I thought he was.
Wait a minute. Here he comes. He must have sensed my sadness. I take back what I said... he still wants mommy after all.... my sweet, loyal prince... I thought I was going to have to 'take care' of that teddy. 

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