November 20, 2010

9 months/39 weeks/273 days of stinkiness

happy nine months sir stinks-a-lot.
we love you.  
i feel like you've been with us forever, and yet not long at all.  time flies -- and stands still all at once. 

good morning
this moment has arrived so quickly. it tiptoed up and caught me off guard. so --- off --- guard. how are you nine months already? my dependent little baby is now an independent little boy.  sometimes your self-sufficiency scares me.  you are so content playing and exploring by yourself... that when you do anything to get attention i find myself savouring the attention you're giving me.  daddy will say i spoil you... but i think i'm the one that wants to be spoiled by you.  from the moment you started crawling, that's all you ever want to do: crawl, stand, bang, jump, sit, and repeat.  my memories will be that of slurred, blurred baby movements. negatives undeveloped. snapshots of moments in progress. moving. moving. moving. 
rolling, creeping, crawling, walking, sliding, shifting, shoving forward without my permission. running into the future. running away from me?
oh my beloved stinky... stay still for a moment so i never, ever forget this. so i never, ever forget you as you are today on your ninth month / thirty-ninth week / two hundred and seventy-third day of stinkiness.
mommy and daddy love you seby baby, stinky pants. forever and ever. we do love you.

good night

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  1. I've chosen you for some awards... check out to accept them.

  2. that was beautiful.
    My son is nearly 8 1/2 months now and still doesn't care to crawl, and I'm so glad :)

  3. oh man, i totally relate! slooowww down, time!!

  4. This was an awesome post...
    Hi! Im a new follower to you blog from the meditiative mom...I still have alot of catch-up reading to do on your blog, but so far i really like what I've seen! can't wait to read more! I hope you can stop by and check out our blog as well, and leave a little <3!! :)

  5. Hi!

    Just jumped over from the meditative Mom. I love your blog!! I'm your newest follower. Maybe you can check out mine too!



  6. happy 9 months!!!! it all goes by so fast, doesn't it? i can't believe Lily is 1.


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