November 15, 2010

come a little bit closer... here's what i have to say....

... just like children sleepin', we could dream this night away.
i feel like a broken record at the end of each weekend...but it's true: i love our weekends. they always begin lazy, climax on a productive high, include great meals.. and end with me in front of the computer echoing my memories onto a screen via a keyboard & tungsten lit, colour warped, no-flash photos.  
saturday we: slept in. woke up. slept in some more. woke up. made plans to go out -- cancelled plans to go out and lay in sunniest room of the house for a -- long -- time.   went to supermarket. came home. cooked curry chicken. ate. and went back to sleep.
sunday: a little more productive. laundry. cleaned. visited Ikea - bought duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases. bought pot holder $1.49 (yay). bought table mats which need to be returned tomorrow (too large). stinky flirted with/harassed every female in the store... saying "aaaay," and smiling. 
went to value village -  adopted cookbook from stefano's region of Italy (emilia-romagna). also adopted hockey stick, kitchen canisters, and 1969 flowery serving tray. bought mug for grandpa. Made ropa vieja for dinner. Seba ate at the table with us. we finally cleaned this peg perego high-chair swingy thing that we picked up from someone's front-lawn. grandma rang the doorbell to make sure (cause we couldn't believe) that they were actually dumping it -- they were -- baby had outgrown it. yay for us. yay-er for stinks =) he loooooooovvves it. dinner was a happy time. then we all ate grapes.

last week's obsessions?
bedsheets. addicted. currently our bed is beige and blah. see photo below.  i wanted flowery, romantic patterns. i wanted bright fun patters. i wanted vintage turquoisey patterns. we got them. i am happy.

this += love
to be continued on thursday!

earring holder.  wanted something cute and pretty to put all my earrings in/on. something that was pretty and practical. sold. to the highest bidder.

chalkboard sugar and salt containers.  no confusion. this is salt. this is sugar.  didn't get them. instead bought pear-shaped chalkboard sticker from Winners. used outer area to make rectangle stickies. wrote sugar on one, salt on another. stuck them to my jars. same thing. but cheaper. love them.

silhouette patterns. thanks vicky. i am officially obsessed even if they'll never quite fit into our decor.

Polaroid trips.
Dusty thoughts.
Vintage blogs.

some things will always have an obsessive hold on my heart:

PS. Stinky's new theme song/rhyme:

    Stinky Grossi, Puddin' and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry,
When the boys came out to play
Stinky Grossi ran away.

PPS. If this exact moment of my life was a movie what would it be called?
"Crouching Stinky, Hidden Mamma"

   this post has been brought to you by:
  thanks to Vicky for this awesome, and accurate, card.

**due to it's content, this post has also been added to Thrift Thursdays**

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  1. yay for pretty bedding. i'm a total beddingholic!! sounds like you had a great weekend.


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