November 1, 2010

i'm in love with my demolition-man mime...and his daddy too.

i used to hold him, comfort him , nurture him... now he holds me, comforts me, nurtures me -- this is the difference 8 months makes.
everyday i am becoming something more than i was the day before, because of him.
i miss him. i miss little things. i miss little him...but i love him more, more, and  more... every second that i am near him. him as he is now. growing. learning. maturing into some kind of wonderful.  he is wonderful and i love him.
8 months ago an expecting me was full of expectations. now those expectations have been quenched --- have been drenched --- by him.  he has fulfilled every thought, wish, hope i ever had. and more.  he is a JOY. a huge bundle of joy wrapped up in a cute little package.
do you know how it feels? do you know how my heart melts, my throat chokes, my love sores every single time he looks at me? every time he laughs at my jokes, smiles at me in the morning, grips my shirt and plants his open mouth kiss on me...I melt. completely into him.  he smiles from head to toe -- with his eyes, lips, cheeks...body... his entire little soul is happy.  how wonderful is he?  every square millimeter of him is amazing.
he flashes a look towards me, crawls at me...'geeing' all the way to my feet... and pulls himself up... my fingers extend naturally... arms open instinctively, and i scoop him up and surrender. i am his. under his little spell. indefinitely. thank god for him.
thank god i found daddy. thank god daddy found me. thank god we made you. thank god for what we've become. for our little family. our tribe. our own little clan. daddy, mommy and stinky little grossi.

our weekend in photos.

saturday =

falling asleep in the bath


sunday =
kissmeetsgondolamanmeetsminermeetsdemolitiontagteammeetspeopericolimeetsjailbirdmeets     supposed to be, should have been and was the world's 1st TALKING mime!  it was a last minute costume... couldn't find infant face paint (???) anywhere and was about to give up...decided to go with good ol' eye liner... clearly the costume is homemade, but c'mon... he's an adorable  thingamabob isn't he? =)

 life is wonderful, insane, fun, frightening, exciting, beautiful stuff.
love is insanely fun, beautifully exciting and frighteningly wonderful stuff.
babies are the stuff that this stuff is made of.
i ♥ stuff.

sunday night = 

me blogging. daddy reading. stinky sleeping. elton singing:

I hope you don't mind,
I hope you don't mind... that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

pretty please... with sugar on top?
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  1. that foot picture is TOO much!!!
    love the costume. best one ever. he looks soooooo cute!

  2. ok. that costume is too, too much. so cute and creative too, i'm in love!! also, you and your husband and so adorable :)


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