November 23, 2010

read me: i'm a title-less blog.

is the weekend over already?

sleeping. lazy. tired. 
only photos today.  

seba stood up on his own yesterday... for a spliter than split second... twice.  once for me (stefano missed it), once for stefano (i missed it).  crazy standing business.

the morning ritual.
he crawls into our room either happy or crying ... depending on how well his night went. depending on whether his teeth  gums are hurting. depending on if he banged his head on his crib. depending on if his blanket came off him during the night. depending on if he ate just before bed or way before bed. depending on... i dunno.. pretty much everything... and nothing.  
arriving in our room, seba either a) wants up on the bed and hugs daddy or i and falls back to sleep, b) creeps over to my computer and attempts at causing whatever ruckus he can... tearing apart and/or biting my scrapbook paper c) checks to see if the bathroom door was inadvertently left open and maybe he can sneak in and turn on the bidet tap d) stands-up at either daddy or my nightstand and pulls our books off while banging on our lamp.
we always hope for "a"... but we're not so lucky... a lot of the time Stefano just grabs him up and hugs him till he passes back out.  whether it's natural or he's putting the boy in the 'sleeper' ... eh, uhh.. i still don't know. but it works.
a couple hours later we all wake up together. mommy makes seba a bottle and daddy changes his diaper.
then seba does this: 

by morning ritual i mean every.single.morning.


you know i'm lazy when this is what we ate for lunch/dinner on saturday.  m&m chicken nuggets (thanks to niki for igniting this obsession in me), m&m sweet potato fries, escargot & coconut shrimp.... on my new table cloth (all our meals look so much friendlier on the tablecloth... it makes me smile.. it reminds stefano of, it's so much easier to clean... just wrap up and throw the crumbs out the window - yay).
ps. thanks to vicky for showing me her serving dish and making me realize i don't have any -- resulting in the winners purchase of this greyish/blue one in the center of the table! i hope this has not sparked a new obsession. vicky and i have a ping pong effect on one another. she's ping and i'm pong. we feed off each other's psychotic obsessions and support one another by sending blogs and photos via email ..several million times a day.


my weekend is blurry right now.  

sunday we had a lovely dinner @ our place with friends/family --> momo on the lolo.  we ate at stefano's dining table for the first time. i forgot to take a photo. me=not so happy right about now.

so today is monday and these are last week's obsessions:
skittles. bite size candy.
especially @ random moments in the middle of the night

taking notes... losing them...and finding them.

it was a rush experiment that has yet to be finished.
got the idea from here

unusual happiness while folding out laundry big and small, tiny and tall.

christmas decorations. snowmen. nutcrakers.

tableclothes. make all our meals so much happier.
they make me smile. they remind stef of home.
they are easy to brush off and clean up.

bizzzzzaro salt and pepper shakers.
i want to OVERfill and entire wall unit with these weirdos.
i love them.
this particular set reminds me of Stef and I here:

the similarity is insane... i know.

ok... going now. but i want to say three things:
1) i hate the "auto save" function on blogger. it never saves what i want it to. it's always screwing up my @#$&!!!!
2) why is stainless steel called stainless when all it EVER does is get stained by ridiculous things like drips of water?
3) shrimp is the fruit of the sea.

PS. if u knew how many times "auto save" deleted this post... you'd understand why i'm not previewing it for errors and/or spelling mistakes. 
forgive me.

PPS. ok this was more than just photos. i'm a blabber at heart. i can't stop. i won't be tamed.

PPPS. seba has is 9 month check up in the morning. just remembered. it's 1:55am right now. niiiiiiiiiice work lisa, nice work.



  1. WOW! I love the picture witht he yellow wall! Is that you guys? That's such an awesome idea, I'm so borrowingit when I get pregnant!

  2. ya that's us! my super-duper talented friend is a photographer... she's awesome!


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