November 16, 2010

I've been replaced?!

yesterday mid-morning.

yesterday afternoon

I've been replaced by a teddy-bear....?! Hmph. This sucks.  
Who needs a mommy when they have a teddyblankieweirdothingamabob? 
What have I learned? Stinky is clearly not as loyal as I thought he was.
Wait a minute. Here he comes. He must have sensed my sadness. I take back what I said... he still wants mommy after all.... my sweet, loyal prince... I thought I was going to have to 'take care' of that teddy. 

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  1. After the mime,in picture #3,we have Seba's interpretation of the Gallus gallus domesticus...

  2. i love it when they sleep on their stomachs with their butts in the air.


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