November 7, 2010

Just another Saturday...with a surprise or two.

Just me and the stinkers at home tonight. Daddy went to the hockey game with grandpa.  Seba and I took this opportunity to go through his closet and pack away some clothes that don't fit him anymore *tear* and take out some new clothes that he can finally wear *smile* *smile* yays =)
After this we went downstairs and organized the kitchen... I swear my kitchen needs reorganizing at least once every two weeks. I try to condition myself to put things back from where I grab them... but it just doesn't work.  Plus... it feels so good at the 'two week' clean up when I notice the drastic change of how nice and fresh it looks. Caught -- in a sick cycle of dirtying and cleaning, dirtying and cleaning -- it never, ever ends. ever.  I never thought I'd say it, but  -- I've been domesticated. I smile as I line up my plates and bowls, cups and saucers in a sorta 'sleeping with the enemy' style... then I close my cupboards and re-open them for emphasis-- smiling and feeling proud of my accomplishments. It's almost cathartic... I enter the kitchen in feeling all pent-up and out of sorts, and I finish feeling relieved and pleased. Just so you know... yes, I am laughing at myself right now.
So ya... we organized.  I should have taken a photo. I didn't.
Now here we are back upstairs... I on the computer and Seba beside me banging away at his musical toy.  Every once in a while he stands up and attempts at slamming my computer. I say no. He looks like a deer caught in headlights and returns to banging his toy.  Then we start again. And again. And again.
Life is nothing but a repetitive cycle.  Sometimes I think it's a joke. Sometimes I think it's a dream. But no, it's real. And it's like a record on repeat.  A good record. Like hearing my favourite song over and over.  Never ever will I get sick of it. Never. Ever.
And so this post has reached the end of it's cycle.  The stinks is now sleeping on top of my belly. The laptop is burning the crap out of my thighs. And I don't think I can get out of this damn buckety round chair. Seriously. I'm stuck. I have to wait till Stefano arrives to pull us out.

PS. today we had carbonara for lunch... but we made it with bucatini pasta instead of spaghetti. one word: DAMN.  ok two: AMAZING. Try it.
PPS.  we went to the new Home Sense (biggest one in Canada apparently?) at Eglinton and Brentcliffe. I liked the furniture, bed sheets, and Christmas stuff. Stefano liked a glass vase that he wanted to put Seba inside of. He also liked leaving the store.  He told me I am forbidden to decorate for Christmas. Heh!?! 
Bought some chairs (finallllly) for our dining room -- I have been stalking these chairs forever on ... I can't believe we stumbled upon them at Home Sense. I love surprises like this. Some would call it luck... I call it ... destiny. I'm excited! Anyhow -- will post photo soon.
PPPS. Stefano is home. I've been saved from remaining in the chair all night. The dining chairs are here too. Photos tomorrow.  Seba is awake. Changed. Wearing Halloween sleeper that he never wore on Halloween.  The sleeper is short for him. Poor Stinks.
Here he is knocking on the bathroom door shouting "daaaadeeee!!!!!"

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  1. Ok, first of all - isn't packing away baby clothes so sad??
    But, second (and more important!) Anthropologie stuff at Home Sense?!? Who knew..... Good find!


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