November 2, 2010

PLEASE... throw this momma from the train!!!!!

Every parent I know told me to  "enjoy every moment because it goes by soooo fast".  Why didn't they say 'lightening fast'? Or 'in the blink of an eye'?  Something... anything... to emphasize the sheer speed of time that was about to fly by me.
I guess it would have made no difference. I'd still be here... 8 months postpartum, addicted to the prince, screaming at the time gods to press pause on my life.  Or at least pause Seba's... just give me more time. Time to "enjoy every moment"
-- Do you know how fast a moment is? It's daaaaamn fast. You blink and it's gone.
My year seems to be speeding by like a freight train .. one that I try (and fail) to jump off of.  I don't even want to rewind.. .I don't want to go back in time... or even keep Seba at this age... I just want to pause time... or even just get more time to spend with him. I want to enjoy every single smidgen of a moment we spend together.... I need time to sllllllow down.  Just an eensy weensy bit.
Seconds turn into minutes. Minutes turn into hours. Hours into days. Days into weeks. Weeks into years. This is seriously insane.
It's not fair.
Meh. I guess I'm not enjoying every moment if I am sitting here lamenting over time ticking away and leaving me behind.
Hmph.  I can't win no matter what I do.
I guess I'll go now... to savour all the moments I have left before Seba becomes a prepubescent teen screaming at me while I tell him that I carried him in my womb for 9 months and he'd better obey my rules. I'd like to say I'll never say anything like this.. .but really, how many times have I committed "I'll nevers" since his birth... Instead I'll just try to enjoy the moment (which I'm positive will feel a lot longer than a 'blink of the eye') while praying for the time gods to speed the hell up.
Like I said, I just can't win.

Uh, off topic, but... Did I tell you how much I love board books?  Sebastian can read them, eat them, spit up on them, sleep on them, play with them, beat them... You name it... he can do it... with a board book. We love them. He loves them more.

"Hey, daddy... whadidi miss?!"
Here's wishing for countless moments, countless smiles, countless hugs & kisses.

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  1. I know, I see people having newborns and I'm like, wasn't that me just yesterday?

    Sebastien is the cutest name ever. I didn't realize Seba was short for that. Adorable!


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