November 5, 2010

Thrift Thursdays: Out with the New, in with the Old

First off, it's Friday. I'm late. 

Welcome to Thrift Thursdays =)
Here you will follow me in my attempts at good housewifery, saving, making ends meet, feathering my nest through thriftiness, living frugally, cutting my coat according to my cloth... saving, saving, saving....because buying a house while pregnant and about to be on maternity leave... left us with no other choice.
Half truth. The above 'cry-for-me-i-can't-even-afford-the-shirt-on-my-back'  line is not entirely true. While the basic intention is to save... the hidden, but overwhelmingly huge motivation is to....fulfill my extreme obsession with vintage shopping! 
I love thrift shopping. I love Value Village, Salvation Army, Good Will, Garage Sales, Free Stuff Signs, Winners, Craigslist, Kijiji, Large item Garbage Days, St. Lawrence Market, cute hand-me-downs from just about anyone. {breathe} I have a sick obsession with other people's stuff. Sick, sick obsession.
When I find something amazing and almost free, I think: "SOLD! TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!" 
So of course when Stefano and I bought are very own house... my inner self was jumping for joy.. not at running to Pottery Barn or fill-in-the-blank-with-any-huge-department-store, but at running to all my favourite second-hand shops... garage sales... and markets. When I walk into a vintage shop and sniff the stale smell of used items.. I exhale with a sigh of happiness and joy. Then adrenaline kicks in.. and I'm on the hunt for pretty much anything excitingly awesome for our home... or for us... cool shirts for Stef... tops for me... outfits for Seba... books, plates, chairs ... everything.
I would say about 95% of our house is furnished in thrift/sale items.  I think I could actually count the non-thrift, non-free, non-homemade items on one hand. I'm not kidding.
So I guess this is where I'll start --> with household items and furnishings. Some were bought, some were stolen - heh, just kidding - free, and some were made by Stefano -- I wish I could say by me.. but I have a secret: I am NOT creative or handy at all -- this makes me wanna cry at least once a day     --> someone... please sign me up in sewing or re-upholstering classes for Christmas!
I'm no photographer -- so take these shots as amateur-er than amateur.. if i try to edit them and make them prettier, i'll just take longer to write the posts than i already do.  this is all about acceptance and enjoyment. so accept and enjoy.

lost & found @ the side of the road. your trash is my treasure! 
plan to use it like a restaurant-style "specials of the day board" 
...when we have dinners... i can write the menu. gasp! exciting! 
stefano suggests i just write down where i put everything
that way i won't say: "where is..." "hmm strange.. i can't find my..."
a million times a day.

why didn't i just write on the board with chalk?  cause
my writing is atrocious... you would have been struggling to read
as my letters got smaller and smaller, this, and I already snapped this photo
and was lazy to go take another after i thought of the bright idea that woulda-coulda been. 
ok. she's blabbing.
i ♥ you.
i know.
♥ you too.


  1. i love thrifting also!!!! but not for clothes, i have no patience for that.

  2. Ummm I thought that was your writing on the chalk board??? I was impressed! = P

  3. I love the high you get the moment you find that perfect treasure.....

    I also thought u wrote on the chalk!!

  4. lol. darn it. i should have never admitted to the fake writing!!


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