November 10, 2010

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)... PS. the stinkster is teething?! MAYBE.

Mr. Stinky is still sick.  He doesn't have a cough or cold... he had a fever a couple days ago.. and has been warm on & off since... not speed-to-the-hospital temperatures... just keep-an-eye-on-him ones.
Is he teething?! For real this time?  Is my 'toothless bandit' soon to become a "toothy bandit"?!
If this is teething -- yikes!  It's like my stinky has vacated his little body and been replaced by a newborn and a terrible two-er combined!  One minute he's all huggable and lovable.. the next he's crying out at the most random moment ever.  He's like Dr. Seba, Mr.Stinky! He's temporarily nutso. Poor thing. I can hear him now all happy and bubbly talking to Stefano... in a second he'll probably lose it and scream... chasing us around the house. He seriously chases us around the house and laughs with this little devilish laugh... and if we take too long to let him catch us... he cries! 
He bites us. With his gums. Would a pitbull without teeth still be considered a threat? This experience has taught me that, yes, he would be.
Still, my stinky pitbull is so cute and I love being around him and him. 
Last night I had a dream that he opened his mouth and had two pointers sticking out --> I cried and everyone hugged me... like it was the most monumental occasion of the century. Maybe when the first tooth arrives I'll throw a party. We'll eat cake and take photos with Dr. Seba, Mr. Stinky and Senior tooth.
No gifts please ---> unless it's toothpaste or a muzzle (heh, just kidding.... kinda).
For now we'll just have to wait.  Buckle up and hold on tight -- I have a feeling it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
PS. It's Wednesday... And this is what he wore.

So what's the stinkster wearing? 

Jacket by Chicco (gift from italy)

"Pants" brandless (bought @ the moms to moms sale markham) - clearly mommy has an obsession with wacky clothes =)

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  1. hes stinkin cute at least :)
    i love how you dress him!

  2. lol. your dream made me laugh.
    sounds like he's teething. takes forever.... we've been waiting for 4 new teeth from Lily for 4 months now. ugh!
    some do better than others. my mom told me i used to have diarrhea (sorry, tmi?), maybe that's what stinky is going through...


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