December 29, 2010

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 8

Sometimes I still pinch myself to see if this is real. To see of you're real. 
And you are. 
You are the most realist real thing in my world. My greatest accomplishment to date. My beloved love. You will be loved. And loved. And loved.
.... And loved. 

my dear sweet seba, 
of all the things your little hands have grabbed and held... my heart is the thing they seem to have held the tightest. oh how i love you.
my heart, my love, my little boy... 
always & always yours,

 "a child is love made visible" 

December 28, 2010

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 7

if Jamiroquai and Lady Gaga had a baby... he'd probably look a little something like this:

*sunglasses courtesy of uncle lucio - the fashionistO

December 27, 2010

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 6

grandpa hates phonetography. photography for him.

mommy loves footography. footograph for her.

everyone loves stinkography. stinkography for all.

December 26, 2010

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 5

so this Christmas.....
and what has stinky done?
*filled his belly with yummy pasta
*opened his presents
*played with all the wrapping paper... which apparently he enjoys more than his gifts... next year? we just give him wrapping paper.
*sat on the dinner table for about an hour playing with fruit and nuts... while the entire family watched with love and laughter

most of all, our stinky little prince blasted us with love. and love. and love... so much of it we could barely take it... but we did... all of it... we grabbed it, rolled it in, soaked it up  and tried to capture it ... but the photos barely do justice to show the colossal catastrophy he has on created in all our hearts as he captures us second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month... forever and ever. and ever.

to dearest seba,
merry christmas

this one is for grandpa!

merry christmas to everyone!
we hope your days are filled with fun, fondness, and most of all, family.
may you have a unforgettable christmas.

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December 22, 2010

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 2

we ♥ great-grandmas crawling around on the floor with us.

we ♥ your votes!
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italy: diary of a stinky prince

takeoff --> uneventful--> stinky slept through it.
Seba has slept for about 20 min total: only on takeoff. he spilled red wine on our neighbour, who thank god was nicer than nice and loved the stinkster.
We tried locking him in the bassinet (for fun...hee?!) ...he insists on grabbing any and everything around him, all while shouting "bwigabee".

after playing with our neighbours, seba hung out with the lady diagonal to us and then crawled to the back of the plane (mommy followed him, of course)
Still awake. banging on tv.
Daddy time.

ok now daddy time. for real. diaper changed. stinky wants to go for walks. he's tired. he's hot.
it's hot as hell. mommy and daddy are tired too.
stinky is SLEEPING!
sleep for mommy. movie for daddy.

awake. breakfast. So tired.
8hrs, 20min. later = benvenuti. finally... we're here.  can we sleep now?

December 16, 2010

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. some women buy shoes, i buy infant hats.

me: "i decided to do a 'what he wore wednesday hats edition' cause seba has so many hats"
stefano: "i think you can replace "so" with "too"
me: "heh? i don't get it?" {a few seconds pass} "ahhh... too many?"
stefano: facial expression implying a definite "yes".

what felt like the longest ten minutes of our lives little stinky. mommy knows you hate putting hats on.... even if she loves them. sorry =(
i'm a sucker for a cutie in a hat.
some women buy shoes, i buy infant hats.

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i know it's thursday.

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