December 13, 2010

1 + 1 = 3

hello. good morning. we are a family of three.
it's so insane how we went from being two to three.  even for the longest time (pretty much until this month) it's still felt like we were a family of two... with a baby.  sometimes we'd be driving in the car... and then we'd randomly say, "oh ya... seba's here too" -- just realizing our un-aloneness. 
1+1 = 3. bonkers, i know.
now we are three. a big fat family of THREE.  if three's a crowd... it's a damn nice crowd... 
all mushed together.. morphed into one big blob of love. that's us.

baby smothering, one of our favourite pastimes

some updates (if you wish to skip this part and scroll down... no one will know):
  • the word ghee has been replaced by the stinks' new word(s), "bwiggia bwee" --> which he uses to express happiness, anger, sadness, excitement and ask questions.  he has mastered his voice and knows how and when to use it. he also says daddeeee, paaa-pa, mommmma, numee, babeeee ... and mimics things we say...but only occasionally, and when he feels like it.  
  • he waves bye-bye... but mainly to strangers in the mall.
  • the floor bed is still going strong and brings us pleasure in the mornings as we get to lie lazily in bed while the stinks crawls over to our room.  but there are some definite changes:
    • he not only crawls over in the morning, but he also climbs onto our bed and tries to pull my eye lids and mouth open.
    • he, and i was waiting for this moment to come, will crawl out of his bed when it's "bed time".  we try closing the door, but he'll just stand up and bang on it FOREVER... until we come back in.. sing and hang out with him as he falls asleep (usually within 3-5 minutes).
    • shockingly, he has never woken up and crawled over to our room in the middle of the night..... yet.
  • cloth diapers --> also still going well.  we use them at home, while using disposables when we are out... to be honest, it's probably due to a combination of laziness, and hating to add more shit (hmm.. literally) to all the crap that we already pack, plus, we still have a crapload of disposables that were given to us when the stinks was born. 
    • the only thing that has changed in our cloth routine is that we now add flushable liners when putting the diapers on. why? one guess.... 
  • the stinks is still perfecting his standing... and has yet to walk. if i could crawl as fast as him, i probably wouldn't walk either.  speaking of crawling... have you ever tried to crawl around on hardwood/tile for 15 minutes?  holy smokes... it hurts!   I don't know how these little creatures do it... which leads me to...
  • his newest favourite thing: stefano chasing him around like a madman... saying "adesso ti prendo!" (I'm gonna get you!).  I have to videotape this madness. both of them screaming.. seba crawling (seriously as fast as I can run)...away from Stefano..then pausing to look back and see how far Stef is...and then returning to the sprint... i'm not joking.. he's like sonic the hedgehog. 

it's monday. 
and some of my favouritest things last week were:

breakfast (clearly i had a crepe & maple syrup addiction)

chewy chips ahoy

unmade beds

daddy dinners

bizarro knee-high socks

phonetography continued. polaroided up-close and personally

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  1. So I almost commented "baby smothering is the BEST."

    Hrrmmmm, you know what I mean....


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