December 9, 2010

hello sleeping in... i almost forgot what you looked like day 2 : the cocktail remedy worked! YIPEE!

... or Seba is just back to his jolly old self?  THREE teeth have cut through!  the one on the bottom left... and the top two front teeth... it also looks like the other top two are trailing quickly behind.  wow... when it rains it POURS. teeth.

Cocktail Day 2: Another happy morning.

you know you slept AMAZINGLY when you wake up with:
yes, a sleep line!... stinks didn't move at all last night =)


  1. Seba is seriously one of the cutest babies EVER.

    Also, I LOVE how you have the crib set up with the one end open.

  2. that's awesome! good for you and good for him. congrats on the 3 new teeth!


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