December 7, 2010

i spy with my stinky eye:

stinky's view: 11.28.10 - 12.04.10
he loves the clock: he has full conversations with it. he absolutely adores when mommy plays 'this little piggy' on his chubby stubby toes! he's obsessed with climbing up the stairs, i'm obsessed with bringing him back down. 
the newest (but not so new) addition to his room: these Miyim musical pull toys (no batteries, woot woot!). the stinks loves pulling on them and listening to 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' -- he enjoys the pulling more than anything. i enjoy the colours and patterns on the back - they make me happy =)
Hippos Go Berserk!!  His absolute favourite book right now -- or perhaps it's our favourite book?! (side note: board books become soft books in Cuba's humidity). blended pasta with mushrooms.. 'nummy nummy' says stinky boy... he loves eating dinner with mommy and daddy. sugar cane teething in Cuba: what a treat! Grandma and Grandpa's I Love You Forever... all that's missing is MORTIMER (which stays @ their house! Seba LOVES Mortimer!)

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