December 29, 2010

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 8

Sometimes I still pinch myself to see if this is real. To see of you're real. 
And you are. 
You are the most realist real thing in my world. My greatest accomplishment to date. My beloved love. You will be loved. And loved. And loved.
.... And loved. 

my dear sweet seba, 
of all the things your little hands have grabbed and held... my heart is the thing they seem to have held the tightest. oh how i love you.
my heart, my love, my little boy... 
always & always yours,

 "a child is love made visible" 


  1. These are such sweet photo's. I'm loving following you in Italy!

  2. he looks so cozy in there! super pretty tree.
    happy new year!


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