December 6, 2010

s'more seconds please.

sunday night/monday morning.  
beep. beep. beep. stinky sleeps. his monitor guarding his mother on guard. i sleep subconsciously aware of every breath he takes. 
he has a tooth -- my little bandit has a tooth. he climbed the stairs. he stood for seconds on his own. 2, maybe 3, unaware seconds. i am so aware of every growing second. my baby is getting older.
sunday night/monday morning. 
another weekend dribbles through my fingertips.

the weekend was spent transitioning from hot to cold. hotel to home. sunburn to windburn. central air to central heat. sand to snow. 
we stayed inside all weekend. 
we unpacked. cleaned. cooked. ate. slept.  we over-snuggled the stinks.  like really over-snuggled him.  we smored him.  we were the graham crackers and he was the marshmallow covered chocolate... so sweet and yummy. 
we smore our little stinky toothed bandit. we are gooishly stuck to each other... my boys and i. bonded.

last week's obsessions.

real life video.


homemade pasta. nutmeg on everything. 

polenta fritta.
with mushrooms or cured meats... nummy.

the tooth. you can see it peaking out a little here. bottom, just right of the camera strap --> which was used to trick the bandit into opening his mouth. ba dang. gotcha.

phonetography cont'd.
convenient? lazy? maybe. but wonderful nevertheless. 

a new week begins. now.

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  1. Welcome back! Isn't the transition back so hard? Especially when there is so much SNOW here. Love the beach bum pic - too cute!

  2. Thanks! The snow is out of control!!! You will have a great time in Cuba with Kale! Seba loved it!!!

  3. What a cute blog. I came across it today by visiting Meditative Mom.

    I'm a new follower. Hope you stop by and follow back!


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