December 7, 2010

so this is what 9 months looks like?!

tearful. toothful. tragic.

tired. tangled. tortured.

Our prince has given up on democracy.  
We are now living under a tyrannic regime.  He rules, we drool.  
The boy has clearly been possessed by the tooth fairy's cousin, "the wicked witch of turmoiled toothville".  


  1. is this his first tooth? the first one is always the WORST.. it gets easier (at least for Violet it did)

    Good luck! :]

  2. oooooh, bummer. you know how i feel about this post! it's weird how just out of nowhere they decide to stop sleeping and be all crazy fussy. i've heard that they get like this right before they reach a new milestone so maybe he's going to be like reciting the president's in chronological order next week and running next week... ;) hang in there!

  3. hang in there!!!! it sucks but it will get better. but you know that. ;)


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