December 16, 2010

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)...PS. some women buy shoes, i buy infant hats.

me: "i decided to do a 'what he wore wednesday hats edition' cause seba has so many hats"
stefano: "i think you can replace "so" with "too"
me: "heh? i don't get it?" {a few seconds pass} "ahhh... too many?"
stefano: facial expression implying a definite "yes".

what felt like the longest ten minutes of our lives little stinky. mommy knows you hate putting hats on.... even if she loves them. sorry =(
i'm a sucker for a cutie in a hat.
some women buy shoes, i buy infant hats.

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i know it's thursday.


  1. He has more hats than I do! I do the same thing.. I used to buy shoes, now I buy headbands for Valentina with giant flowers.

  2. I love baby hats too! Kale, on the other hand, hates them. I don't think he likes to cover his luscious locks of hair. However, this doesn't stop me from buying them. Maybe I should send them all to Seba...

  3. i love ALL his hats. Lily has a bunch too. you can never have too many hats.


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