January 31, 2011

sleepy stinky, sneaky mommy

monday is daddy's volleyball night.
stinky and i went to grandma and grandpa's for dinner.
we came home and the stinks was asleep
as usual, he woke up when we got to his room
not as usual, he didn't try playing and jumping around
instead we lay, he inside his crib, i outside of it, for 1 hour staring at each other until he fell asleep.. i was falling asleep too... but then i heard someone something calling my name:

it looks like it's for kids... but adults eat it too.
special note * that is not icing, it's COOL WHIP.
i was in shock and awe at the first bite.

ps. i know his socks and pants aren't exactly "matching" -- sometimes i do things to make me smile. 
a mismatched stinky makes me giggle.

and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

it's monday. i'm obsessed.

egg breakfast
in italy it is common to eat sweet pastries for breakfast... i missed my morning eggs. i saw this fun recipe on the "oh joy" blog, and just had to try it.  i didn't have avocados that day... but it was yummy nevertheless. it's seriously fun to cook, fun to eat. you cut holes in the middle of bread, butter it and drop and egg in the middle. i made it a few times last week... as usual, when i like something i become absolutely obsessed with it. if it's food... stefano is happy with my obsessiveness, if it's not food...well.... another story.

pajamas from his cousin tristan. the hole made my day. that is a toe not a thumb. his toes look like fat fingers.

catching up on blogs. thank god for google reader...my blog companion for life!

cookbooks are lovely... especially used or recommended ones.
cook-book-marks! i have thrown away all my sticky notes!

little things brought back from italy. 

cute illy café spoons. café at a restaurant in rome. boom. we see the spoons. flat spoons. vicky and i steal one each (separately and unaware of each others crime in progress)  meanwhile stefano kindly asks the owner if we can have four to bring back to canada with us, to which the owner says "sure".  we feel terrible for the attempted robbery. 

new FUN bed sheets. they remind me of a christmas card i gave out one year, "there's gnome place like home." (cheesy, i know, but i'm a cheesy girl) they are colourful. they are smiley. they make us happy. stinky loves them too.

adhesive wall stickies... love.at.first.sight. sold to the highest bidder. 

 ♥ trivets
la gnocherria bread pouch = memory of a great meal

music, gym and a little yogi...

*well not so-much of a yogi. 

i enrolled the little stinkster in 3 classes:

 music --> he loves
they sing songs, read books, dance and play with the other kiddies. seba is mesmerized by the teacher and her lovely singing voice.. i'm sure he wonders how she knows all his favourite songs.

baby gym--> he lovvvves 

there are all sorts of fun activities for the kids... seba loved everything... but most of all he loved approaching the other children and saying "bwigi bwee" --> smiling of course.. as the other child screamed or cried out of fear.  we thought it was a bullying tactic to steal the other children's toys.. but nope... when they cried and ran away, stinky just moved onto the next kid.

i love when he sits like this
ooouu... bubbles.

this was by far his favourite activity. the "roller coaster".
 he must have come down this thing at least a dozen times.. or more.
we even have a video:

mommy & me yoga ---> errr...not so much love:

this was supposed to be my re-enactment of the best baby "tree pose" ever seen.. but clearly it was a once in a life time pose that cannot be duplicated.
stinky hated yoga. he had to remain still in stretches. he had to be silent and find his "center". he had to be calm. 
*the exact opposite of everything he is*
instead he preferred to gee around checking out all the young meat... he was like a dirty old man on the prowl... seriously, i was embarrassed of my womanizing baby. 
at one point the teacher said "ok get your baby to focus on you," and the stinks was looking at every female in the room other than me! 
i could not grab the child's attention if my life depended on it. i could feel the other mothers pitying me thinking, "poor girl, she can't control her child..."
the boy was in heaven. surrounded by women (of all ages). 
so i guess i should say he loved yoga class.. he just hated yoga.

ps. i never thought i'd be the parent to join all these groups (i'm extremely lazy)... but in the end... waking up at 5am to enter the online enrollment war was well worth it. seba is having fun... and so are we. 
what fun activities do you with your kids do? any recommendations?

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January 28, 2011

oh homesense, how i've missed you. deeply.

lovely, but too expensive for me

lovely and purchased on clearance! yay!

lovely, but stefano would murder me. we have a million plate sets.
 i went back a couple days later (a form of self torture)... and they were gone.

i wanted this... but i don't know why. i didn't buy it.

little changes to my kitchen with the cutesy green addition:
laughing @ the cupcakes. those are from winners too. you should have seen stefano's face when he saw them on the counter. i have problems... 
but at least i'm aware of them.


i don't ♥ it.

i prefer to be doing this with them:

January 27, 2011

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 29 --> i guess it wasn't 30 days after all?

the flight home was amazingly peaceful. it's started off not-so-peaceful when we missed our morning flight home and had to grab another.  it's worsened when we were told there were no bassinet seats available for us on the new flight. and right when i was in my moment of ultimate depression... imagining a flight home holding the stinky monster for 9 hours across the ocean... we were told that they were giving us a row with an empty seat so we could bring the stinks in his car seat ---- the best news ever heard in mommy existence!! a seat for seba. a seat for mommy. and a seat for daddy.  yay.
seba had a bottle on take off and passed out. cold.  he slept pretty much the whole way back.. waking only to grab the gentleman's watch beside him and play for a bit (the two of them were best friends by the end of the flight).  oh how peaceful the sleeping beast was. it was like heaven. we ate, watched movies, drank some wine and made monsters out of our no-so-soft bread buns (see photo above).
i loved our time in Italy.. seeing family and friends, seeing their faces as they played with seba... seeing stefano's face as he reunited with everyone. christmas is a time of love and happiness... and both were had... in abundance.  now we're home.  i've missed my family, my friends... and i have one month to soak them all up before going back to work.  one month to completely absorb my little family and our 24 hour days together before they are reduced to what? 12hs? i've already done the calculations:
24hrs - 1hr to get ready for work - 8.5hrs(work/jealousy for not being near 
stinky) - 1.5hrs (travel/frustration/anger) - 7hrs (sleep...hopefully) = 6hrs.  

6hrs to play, relax, cook and eat.  6hrs to be together... until the weekend. at least i'll appreciate my weekends all the more? trying to 'looking on the bright side'. heh.
i wonder how fathers feel working all day immediately after the birth of their child? doesn't it kill them? i wonder how mothers who have to return to work sooner feel? i shouldn't complain and be selfish. but i will and i am.  i am selfishly in love with my family... selfishly obsessed with my stinky prince... selfishly wanting to spend every waking second with him.. watching him learn, grow, develop. 
but... instead... i'll get play by play details of his day while standing at the stove preparing dinner -- watching him fall asleep in his chair. those 6hrs just decreased to 3.. stinky will probably be sleeping after that.
how do you do it?
ps. on a brighter and slightly busier note... i have a 1st birthday to plan! 

January 26, 2011

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 28

have been before. have taken several photos of monuments, ruins, cathedrals.  have never looked at those photos. 
this time? have taken photos i will look at again and again. 

♥ these colours. i feel warm just looking at this.

                                          the view from our bathroom

 winter = no line ups ...huge +

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