January 31, 2011

and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

it's monday. i'm obsessed.

egg breakfast
in italy it is common to eat sweet pastries for breakfast... i missed my morning eggs. i saw this fun recipe on the "oh joy" blog, and just had to try it.  i didn't have avocados that day... but it was yummy nevertheless. it's seriously fun to cook, fun to eat. you cut holes in the middle of bread, butter it and drop and egg in the middle. i made it a few times last week... as usual, when i like something i become absolutely obsessed with it. if it's food... stefano is happy with my obsessiveness, if it's not food...well.... another story.

pajamas from his cousin tristan. the hole made my day. that is a toe not a thumb. his toes look like fat fingers.

catching up on blogs. thank god for google reader...my blog companion for life!

cookbooks are lovely... especially used or recommended ones.
cook-book-marks! i have thrown away all my sticky notes!

little things brought back from italy. 

cute illy café spoons. café at a restaurant in rome. boom. we see the spoons. flat spoons. vicky and i steal one each (separately and unaware of each others crime in progress)  meanwhile stefano kindly asks the owner if we can have four to bring back to canada with us, to which the owner says "sure".  we feel terrible for the attempted robbery. 

new FUN bed sheets. they remind me of a christmas card i gave out one year, "there's gnome place like home." (cheesy, i know, but i'm a cheesy girl) they are colourful. they are smiley. they make us happy. stinky loves them too.

adhesive wall stickies... love.at.first.sight. sold to the highest bidder. 

 ♥ trivets
la gnocherria bread pouch = memory of a great meal

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  1. those eggs look yummy!!!!! and don't worry, i grab "souvenirs" from places as well. ;)


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