January 6, 2011

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 12

bye-bye mountains... until next week!
behind the scenes... zio stefano!
lunch = DAMN. GOOD. --- yes, it's pasta in star shapes..... mmmm.. with veal, prosciutto, parmigiano inside... in a cream sauce with speck and walnuts.  did i say DAMN GOOD already?!
seba's preferred dining style... drunk face, one foot up, and spoon in mouth.
travelling with a baby. period. no further explanation necessary.
pee/change break
dinner time!

the following photos show seba's favourite game in the world: dov'é seba? (where is seba?)

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  1. haha zio Stefano!!

  2. what camera do you use? edit programs...your pictures are great! baby is adorable :)

  3. thanks! all of these photos were taken in italy while on vacation. i was only using my iphone and my regular point-and-shoot canon the whole time...that's why most of the photos are fuzzy with poor quality =( no room for anything else in our luggage! at home i use my canon rebel... but recently have become addicted to the ease of phonetography!


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