January 27, 2011

italy: 30 days of phonetography.
day 29 --> i guess it wasn't 30 days after all?

the flight home was amazingly peaceful. it's started off not-so-peaceful when we missed our morning flight home and had to grab another.  it's worsened when we were told there were no bassinet seats available for us on the new flight. and right when i was in my moment of ultimate depression... imagining a flight home holding the stinky monster for 9 hours across the ocean... we were told that they were giving us a row with an empty seat so we could bring the stinks in his car seat ---- the best news ever heard in mommy existence!! a seat for seba. a seat for mommy. and a seat for daddy.  yay.
seba had a bottle on take off and passed out. cold.  he slept pretty much the whole way back.. waking only to grab the gentleman's watch beside him and play for a bit (the two of them were best friends by the end of the flight).  oh how peaceful the sleeping beast was. it was like heaven. we ate, watched movies, drank some wine and made monsters out of our no-so-soft bread buns (see photo above).
i loved our time in Italy.. seeing family and friends, seeing their faces as they played with seba... seeing stefano's face as he reunited with everyone. christmas is a time of love and happiness... and both were had... in abundance.  now we're home.  i've missed my family, my friends... and i have one month to soak them all up before going back to work.  one month to completely absorb my little family and our 24 hour days together before they are reduced to what? 12hs? i've already done the calculations:
24hrs - 1hr to get ready for work - 8.5hrs(work/jealousy for not being near 
stinky) - 1.5hrs (travel/frustration/anger) - 7hrs (sleep...hopefully) = 6hrs.  

6hrs to play, relax, cook and eat.  6hrs to be together... until the weekend. at least i'll appreciate my weekends all the more? trying to 'looking on the bright side'. heh.
i wonder how fathers feel working all day immediately after the birth of their child? doesn't it kill them? i wonder how mothers who have to return to work sooner feel? i shouldn't complain and be selfish. but i will and i am.  i am selfishly in love with my family... selfishly obsessed with my stinky prince... selfishly wanting to spend every waking second with him.. watching him learn, grow, develop. 
but... instead... i'll get play by play details of his day while standing at the stove preparing dinner -- watching him fall asleep in his chair. those 6hrs just decreased to 3.. stinky will probably be sleeping after that.
how do you do it?
ps. on a brighter and slightly busier note... i have a 1st birthday to plan! 


  1. welcome home!! happy to hear it was smooth sailing after such a tough beginning.

    good luck going back to work. it has to be tough. being a stay at home mom is hard but i think going back to work has to be harder. glad you have some time to still enjoy home and stinky.

  2. Lisa! I have LOVED following the travels of your little family. I'm secretly happy you're back so you can get to back regular blogging! Welcome home!

  3. thanks ladies! i've missed reading your blogs too! connectivity was limited over there!! time to catch up =)


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