January 31, 2011

music, gym and a little yogi...

*well not so-much of a yogi. 

i enrolled the little stinkster in 3 classes:

 music --> he loves
they sing songs, read books, dance and play with the other kiddies. seba is mesmerized by the teacher and her lovely singing voice.. i'm sure he wonders how she knows all his favourite songs.

baby gym--> he lovvvves 

there are all sorts of fun activities for the kids... seba loved everything... but most of all he loved approaching the other children and saying "bwigi bwee" --> smiling of course.. as the other child screamed or cried out of fear.  we thought it was a bullying tactic to steal the other children's toys.. but nope... when they cried and ran away, stinky just moved onto the next kid.

i love when he sits like this
ooouu... bubbles.

this was by far his favourite activity. the "roller coaster".
 he must have come down this thing at least a dozen times.. or more.
we even have a video:

mommy & me yoga ---> errr...not so much love:

this was supposed to be my re-enactment of the best baby "tree pose" ever seen.. but clearly it was a once in a life time pose that cannot be duplicated.
stinky hated yoga. he had to remain still in stretches. he had to be silent and find his "center". he had to be calm. 
*the exact opposite of everything he is*
instead he preferred to gee around checking out all the young meat... he was like a dirty old man on the prowl... seriously, i was embarrassed of my womanizing baby. 
at one point the teacher said "ok get your baby to focus on you," and the stinks was looking at every female in the room other than me! 
i could not grab the child's attention if my life depended on it. i could feel the other mothers pitying me thinking, "poor girl, she can't control her child..."
the boy was in heaven. surrounded by women (of all ages). 
so i guess i should say he loved yoga class.. he just hated yoga.

ps. i never thought i'd be the parent to join all these groups (i'm extremely lazy)... but in the end... waking up at 5am to enter the online enrollment war was well worth it. seba is having fun... and so are we. 
what fun activities do you with your kids do? any recommendations?

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  1. Hey Lisa, the baby gym looks like so much fun! Ainsley and I joined a babytime group at the library, it starts on Wed...and it's free!!! On Friday we start our mom and baby dance class.. should be interesting..lol! I think it's great to give them interaction with other kids.. even though Ainsley will have no clue whats going on. I'm just scared she'll end up crying the whole time :(

  2. Kale and I go to a music class, that we both LOVE. Kale also goes to a Daddy & Me class with Kris and they're going to check out the Little Gym. Now that I'm back at work, Kris & Kale get to do all the fun stuff together.
    I think Seba & Kale would get along really well. Kale's really into getting as close to other kids faces as possible and then giving him them the business. He also loves to touch people's faces - which isn't very popular with the germophobe crowd.

  3. that's awesome! he is too funny checking out all the chicks at yoga.
    we do the library for reading and singing time every tuesday and the park EVERYDAY!

  4. oh how i wish we could go to the park everyday... but considering the park is INVISIBLE right now due to snow... heh.
    @ Carolyn --> love free stuff! the library near me has drop-in story time but we haven't tried it out yet.. and my time is running out! the dance sounds FUN!!!! i'll definitely have to look into it.. .Seba loves dancing =)
    fingers crossed that Ainsley sheds minimal to no tears!


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